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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The American Jobs Act and the President's Speech

The bill will be paid for... next week we'll tell you how
There will be modest adjustments to Medicare and Medicaid
All will pay their fair share
There will be spending cuts
The best way to grow the economy
tax breaks so teachers can go to work
we will change the way we do business
the govt will help people refinance mortgages
countries with whom we have trade agreement
must play by the rules
cut wasteful spending
regulation review
collective bargaining
congress, it is time to meet our responsibilities
elections fourteen months away
What a con!
Does this guy and his handlers think the American people want to
buy a bridge?
What the guy did not say, and I am calling him a guy because I am
at this point angrier than I was last night.
This guy does not deserve my respect.
It was more a cheer leading rally we heard
rather than a plan to save America
and then to boot, they announce information they new four months
ago, about a threat to New York or Washington by a car bomb,
information found when they wiped out OBL.
The what if segment was a good touch, Abraham Lincoln and his
achievements, and the Internet.
What the guy did not say, is that unions, the Longshoremen and
the Teacher's union are in trouble. There will have to be adjustments
in the way we do business. Union members know they have been
receiving the cream off the top of the milk, for you youngsters who don't
understand that statement, in the old days, before homogenized and
pasteurized milk, the cream would float to the top of the bottle.
You union members will be forced to change contracts, to adjust to
the way things are now. Scaling down.
He did say that our trading partners were going to have to play by the rules,
how will he threaten China to revalue their currency, not sell them any more
of our debt or drop a bomb. Silly, that he thinks he can get them to do anything
when he can not even get his congress to do something.
Ah, congress it is time to meet our responsibilities - is he implying that the
congress has been fooling around- those individuals with ten percent approval
of the American Public.
Made in America
who would buy anything willing, from America, we are right now priced out of the market.
The banks will be forced to refinance loans, forced, the operative word here.
The banks should have refinanced loans before. They should have realized, of course
they did realize, what was going on, but the first stimulus was what they were waiting
for, and used those funds wisely(perhaps). Now, they are sitting with a bundle of
real estate, that is basically worthless, because no one has any money to buy it.
Fools that they are. They chose to steal money, along with the Freddie and Fanny.
History always repeats itself, and we fool ourselves into thinking it will be different.
Double dip recession, oh no, they say.
The Great Depression ran for ten years with the stock market experiencing
volatility of up days followed by down days followed by up days, followed by down days.
Sound familiar.
Sometimes, we let ourselves be conned, is this one of those days.

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