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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Age of Obama

     A charming young lawyer, who some say is attractive, well spoken and motivated runs for the office of President of the United States of America. He, who is call a black man, although in fact, his father is black and his mother is white campaigns around the world for the job.
     He woos the black vote, entices the female vote, and enthralls the minority vote, winning the majority to become the FIRST African American President of the United States of America. History is made. Foreign nations and people of foreign nations embrace this man. He is the changing factor in how the world perceives the USA. Relations with Arab and African nations wait to welcome him and his family, to their countries.
      It is an amazing event, the future is bright and beautiful. He can bridge gaps and heal relations. The world and the nation are optomistic. The new face of the White House and then business becomes usual.
       It appears that this young charmer has been charmed. He surrounds himself with what appears to be incompetence or out right dishonesty. The new color of the Administration is green. Agencies appear to be swaying contracts to companies who are unable to do the work, or are skimming (stealing) funds allocated to public works.
        Besides that, it appears that he has no allies in Congress, that he cannot or will not become a team player and negotiate with members of Congress to work for the good of the people. Can it be that the members of Congress, black and white alike, do not want this black president to succeed at the cost of the nation. Can it be that the Congress has sabotaged his administration, because the majority of the congress does not want a black man to succeed. Mr. Obama, it is said, made a deal with the majority leader and then reneged on the deal. From the look on the speakers face, it appears true. If true then Mr. Obama is in a position to make no changes to the economy. If he, the President, can not keep his word, then he can not be trusted, and is therefore a lame duck president, sitting on a list of coulda shoulda woulda's bigger than any person whom one can call a failure. As a lawyer, he would know the value of a verbal contract.
        So now the problem is the country, the President has to bend to the opposition to achieve anything. He must give the opposition what they want in order to give the American people anything to look forward to, or we will be faced with a depression deeper than anything recorded in history. He will personally have created a rift between the races that will turn the country back to the civil war days. He must surround himself with professionals who know what is going on and who know what must be done, and who will recommend strongly to the President to convience him to take the necessary steps to put the economy of the country back on track toward full employment. Without full(of course there is no such thing as full employment) employment, without the country allowing the people the self respect of earning a living, we all will sink into a mailaise that will change the future generations for the worse. Without education ignorance will breed fear, without food, want will breed anarchy. And with anarchy the  country will revert to the days of the old west when people took what they wanted with the force of a gun.
         If the country changed its direction for a little while, and focused on education for all citizens who chose to be educated, no jobs or a slow economy would right itself. If America, besides feeding children who attended school, pay the unemployed to go to school and learn, either a new skill or to speak the American language. There would be a greater demand for teachers, who would have to negotiate a new contract with the country, the unions would have to contribute to the effort, either by reducing wages, reducing vacation or reducing medical benefits. This of course is not what the unions want to hear, but this is a way to jump start the economy, giving Americans an opportunity to increase their self esteem, and feed themselves.
        Government, the size of government is an issue. Bloat, there is no way civil servants can avoid changing. Either they produce more, therefore earning a fair wage for services performed or they too must renegotiate their contracts.
         Lobbyists, aka salesmen or salespersons should have a watchdog agency, not related to the government, maybe headed by Ralph Nader, how is Ralph Nader, we have not heard  from him, he, I would expect should be boiling right now, unless there are other more pressing issues that he is facing besides the USA, like his health. We wish him well. He, Raplh Nader, had served the Republic and we thank him for that.
          America is hurting, twenty five percent of the men are unemployed. The trickle down effect of US unemployment to other nations is a far more dramatic disaster. We in America, have had it good, we have had food and shelter, and we have taken it for granted. Now we are in a positon where we must feel grateful for having a roof over our head, except of course for those in Joplin and the east where Irene has taken away what they had.
          In Hati they are living in tents. We must consider the new AGE of Obama, not that it is all his fault, not necessarily that any of it is his fault, just that he is the president at the moment and it is under his watch that our world has caused us to become "Strangers in a Strange Land". The world to us now is new, but the fear and greed, the ignorance and want are the same. We can overcome the fear and the greed and the ignorance and the want. We can do it, and yes, the money must come from somewhere, Besides China. Used to be, companies invested in R & D, research and development, haven't heard much about that lately. How about all the money they say in overseas needing to come back to America, the government giving corporation the incentive to invest in America in the form of Research and Development, which would give employees the motivation to learn. Learning is what keeps people young and healthy, learning something new opens the mind to new horizons, eliminating stagnation.
          FDR put people to work, now besides the government investing in its people, corporations must give something back if they want to survive. We are now in survival mode, thanks in part to Bernie and the rest of the thieves who have stolen instead of earning their wealth.
         Survival mode is a very dangerous place to be, people do not think, they reach for what they want and take it. The Rule of Law is what is at stake, and we, all of us, no one excluded, must choose not to be in survival mode. We must live. Being alive and living is the way the new generation of human should advance. We must at all costs, avoid war.
         All of a sudden I am thinking of the Pope and the Catholic Church, and for that matter allllll the other Religions that have been supported by the people, they too must give up the good life and take up the struggle with us. Why not tax the Religions instead of giving people a way to hide money. Let the churches, synagogues, mosques and every other roof share the burden of healing the nation.
          Before it is too late. 

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