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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


   An article in the Economists Science and Technology Section, September 10, 2011, reports misconduct by research scientists at Duke University. The article notes the scientists faulty data reporting claiming to be able to predict the course of an individuals illness and to be able to predict treatment which was lauded until other scientists researching the research by the scientists at Duke proved the claims false. The article also states that little furor arose until it was discovered that the scientist with the faulty research data falsified his credentials, claiming he was a Rhodes Scholar in Australia. The Economist Article states that Rhodes Scholars only attend Oxford in England.
   The Article also states that the Vice Chancellor in charge of clinical research at Duke blames the "Swiss Cheese Effect"[fifteen different things go wrong] as the cause. That is the creative accounting coverup of the scientific/academic world of Duke University. That no one is responsible is typical corporate skullduggery. And he, the head of the clinical research department at Duke U. will probably get a raise, for fabricating that coverup. That is even better than, "the devil made me do it."
   Will he, the head of clinical research at Duke U. state that claim, in a face to face meeting with the patients who participated in the clinical trials which were begun, based on the Swiss Cheese Effect research, or will he slip through the hole on his way to meet with them.
   What is also interesting about the article is the last line, in which the writer excuses the swiss cheese scientist because of the realization that he, or more specifically scientists, are human too. Again, there is no accountability demanded.
   Scientists are not blue collar workers and therefore, are excused from the accountability code. The swiss cheese scientist will simply fade into the wilderness and the University will carry on as if nothing ever happened and the stigma will blink away, because there were no blue collars involved.
   Of course, we uneducated or less educated have to accept that we are living in an illusion if we believe that people are responsible and accountable for their actions. We must see that this is typical behavior in the corporate structure when above the pay grade of the janitor. It is the swiss cheese rotting their teeth or creating an imbalance in their precious bodily fluids so they are not responsible. They can not be held accountable and life goes on, except for those in prison for doing drugs or selling drugs or stealing and getting caught.
The swiss cheese scientist was stealing and got caught, and there was no mention of criminal charges pending, nor any sanctions against the University.
   This report may be the pivot to unrest in America, the final insult to the working class of blue collars who struggle every day to survive while the elite err and are forgiven, and the blue collars have only one collar that is frayed and wearing away. This inequity is symbolic of division of the classes in America, the haves and the have nots. And it will take a knight or lady in shining armour to fight the fight and win the battle of the inequality of right and wrong in America.

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