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Monday, September 19, 2011


  To cleanse the mouth, it must first be open
To open the mouth first begin with a smile
Next, look in the mirror to see the correct positioning of the tool to be used
Remember, the image in the mirror is opposite of reality
or it is the reality you are viewing,
of the reality you are experiencing
Morning mouth can best be described as sand paper
or sand withouth the paper
as, sleeping on the beach with one's mouth open
Technology has advanced considerably
from the days of using fingers to cleanse the mouth and it's inhabitants
Salt in warm water is used
and is still the recommended treatment for sores within the gums
Baking soda also, is an inexpensive cleanser for the teeth, moistened with water
lemon alone or shared with H2O can remove odor and refresh the breath
Colgate, before it's marriage with Palmolive, had and probably still produces a powder to use to cleanse the teeth,
if you can find a store that carries it. A little powder placed in the palm of the hand, then with a moistened tooth brush
dip into the powder, the brush will pick up just enough powder to use for the teeth. It was/is marketed in a tin the shape of a small rectangular bottle, not a round shape, easier for a wet hand to hold.
In today's market, there are varieties of color, flavor and texture for pastes to squeeze onto a toothbrush of choice, including clear gels, stripes, and solid white.
Most paste manufacturers prefer the white product, to match the teeth.
What is interesting about some or most of the products on the market today is the flavor, an overwhelming assault on the tastebuds changing the flavor of every fruit, vegetable, grain edible that enters the mouth, leaving one to wonder, what in fact is entering the oral cavity. Even after reading the list of ingredients on the package one has no idea what the product is, only what it says it will do. And after the assault on the taste buds it is an assumption, that the product is in fact doing the job it claims to do. There seems to be the question of what is in the product that has to be drowned out so strongly with flavors that last beyond brushing. And why in fact have they, the toothpastes been made that way. Why do we have to have a taste in our mouth that we do not want, as the price, besides the cost at the store, we are forced to pay. Can they not make a polish for the tooth that has no flavor. Even the grit the dentist uses has a flavor. Like shampoo. Why does shampoo always smell like food, do they want us to eat it besides wash with it.
These products have branched out, besides cleaning, they can desensitize the teeth. One does not realize that each tooth feels and reports their findings to the brain, we never give it much thought until, that special message, called the toothache, that special pain that reaches the brain and overtakes all functioning, even chicken soup won't help.
Anyone who has had caps placed over their teeth can report that they eat food and have lost half of the message enjoyed with a good meal. Much like someone else is chewing for you. But of course, being able to chew at all is better than having to eat mush most of your life. Chewing is like yoga meditation, the brain focuses on the teeth and their motion masticating.
Besides pastes there are now also rinses which used before toothpaste, as a preparation, will/ are supposed to whiten the teeth after being brushed by paste and toothbrush.
Toothbrushes also have advanced, in stead of one size fits all - which was a choker for all children, they are soft, medium and firm bristles, manual or machine agitated.
You could in fact, maintain oral hygiene without toothpaste, if you brush after each meal, or snack, besides morning and night and if you avoid all sugar, including soda pop - here in the center of the US it is called pop- candy and cake.
And if your teeth are solid strong and free from stress, grinding avioded.
The industry has made many things for us to buy to put into our mouth, things they promise we can not live without. Yet, when necessary, salt, baking soda with water and a finger and some floss, will still not erase the flavor of onion or garlic, lemon is still the best choice for them.
And as the saying goes, brush on.

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