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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tea Party Republican Debate

The question arises, why have the debates for choosing  a leader for The United States of America been only transmitted on pay television, why have the majority of the population been eliminated from the process.
Then, watching the second debate fom the candidates and hearing the same things, I did this... I will do this... the current administration is doing this...
and I desperately wanted to turn it off, and I forced myself, more than once, to continue with the punishment, in fear, if I turned it off, I would, really , miss someone saying something valueable.
The question still arises, why is the rest of the population excluded. What good reason is there for denying every member of this country the opportunity to see who they believe would be the better choice for running this country.
Why have the Republicans and the media community not considered the necessity for ALL the people to be educated, to make an informed decision, when it comes to choosing a leader.
What was interesting during the debate, or should I say, what was amusing, not in the funny sense but in the vein of vaudevillian slapstick, was the candidates ganging up on or pouncing with negative fervor on Mr. Perry, for the decision the people of Texas voted for, to prefer educated illegal immigrants over guests  of the state, as in, illegal immigrants going to prison. The people of Texas chose an educated populace. And the also, the other candidates, pounced on Mr. Huntsman for Utah giving illegal immigrants driving licenses.
When asked the question, what will you do with the illegal immigrants, if you were president, evasion, with a focus on securing the border, the candidates would not touch the question with a ten foot pole.
Especially missing from the debate was anyone saying how they would effect any of the promises they were making. "Promise her anything..."
On the topic of health care, someone did throw out the idea of alternative healthcare as a way to decrease health costs. The AMA, the American Medical Association the health care monopoly that through it's schools, limits the number of physicians, as their way of controlling their income, through exclusivity. Plenty of doctors would reduce the costs of health care, but, with fewer physicians, and the AMA the controlling force, there is nothing to be done. Medical insurance is an interesting commodity. It guarantees you medical care if you need it, but if you have ever gone to the emergency room at any hospital you would wait for hours to be treated, and then you and your insurance carrier would be charged a small fortune, more than a weeks salary, never mind a weeks income. If you have a chronic condition and must regularily be seen by a specialist you will again be forced to sit in the waiting room or the treatment room for at least an hour to be seen for three minutes by the specialists, who may suggest a myriad of tests to comfirm the probable, then there where you are tested you again must wait for hours for tests or treatments to help you feel better. Stolen hours of your life, prisoner, you are cared for at their convenience, if you are fortunate enough to have a facility near where you reside, otherwise you also must travel for hours for a three minute viewing with the all powerful member of the AMA.
But I digress, this is not what the discussed.
Mr. Perry again, took a verbal beating for his mandate in Texas, forcing young girls to be treated with shots to prevent cervical cancer. Government should not be forcing medical treatments of children. But no one said anything about the law that there are shots children must have before they are permitted to attend school.
Then of course there were flying buzz words, leadership, full employment, strong America, eliminate waste, reform taxloopholes, subsidies, regulation reform, energy independence, shrink government, fair tax, consumption tax.
Lobbyists were left alone, those salespeople that sway the political arena with their financial contributions to the wealth of the politians ensuring the benificial treatment of the orginazitions or corporations they represent.  If politicians were leaders of the country without the finincial assistance of the lobbying machine, what, would the electorate and the government machine look like.
Iteresting facts that were mentioned: it is costing us two billion dollars a week to wage the war in Afghanistan, we, America, has nine hundred bases in one hundred thirty countries. It was suggested to bring them all home, picture it, all those soldiers coming home to be unemployed. There was concern for developing situations in Egypt, Turkey, Mexico and the middle east. No concern was voiced for Africa with her battles and starving people.
So the whole debate went, and there was no information about how the candidates were going to implement the promises they were making, no mention about how they, the candidates, were going to convence the Senate and House of Represenatives to agree with and vote for the candidates plans for fixing the economy and everything else wrong with America, nobody said, this is what I want to do if elected, and I will need you, the American Public to participate by calling your represenatives and telling them to vote in favor of my proposals.
I did this..., I will do this... if I am elected I WILL....
And if you believe that, I will sell you a bridge.  

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