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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Age of Obama addendum two

If the baby boomers still remember when they were in elementary school, they will be able to adapt with the presidents new plan to decrease Medicare and Medicaid.
There will be more persons in hospitals with less staff to care for them.
Nursing homes will especially be difficult since their funding cow will have dried up, and since they are in business to make money, two to a room will become four to a room, if they have the beds. Instead of teachers in demand it will be doctors in demand, and the funds will give the md's a good reason to drive slower and move slower and take vacation and guarantee an eight hour shift with no overtime, or is it a six hour shift.
The boomers again will be neglected.
Is the Obama Administration the new Tammany Hall and is he the Boss Tweed of the twenty first century.

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