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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Republican Candidates Debate

Last nights showing was a bit weak, more along the lines of, 'look at me, look at me'. Not exactly ammunition for leading a country. Ms. and each of the candidates will be referred to as Ms. or Mr. to eliminate some government titles and further reduce the playing field to individuals.
Ms. Bachman repeatedly referred to raising children as a qualification. But, she was not really speaking to all the moms who raised their children while cooking meals, cleaning house AND holding a paying job. So, while she did in fact mother some children and foster mother others, little evidence of her knowing the real world environment of parenting with struggle has been displayed, so, she should refrain from bragging in that arena.
Other times she bragged about sitting down with people who have been thrust into life's catastrophes and commented that she, "knows about that", speaking with and living through are not exactly the same knowing and does not denote qualifications.
She on the other hand, did promise to make things right, BUT without bipartisan cooperation, NOTHING ever gets done. Do you see any evidence of her bolstering Republicans and Democrats to do anything, never mind, the right thing.
And then of course, she found ample time, along with some of the other candidates, to bash, or bad mouth the job BHO was or was not doing.
Funny, how many of the candidates found time to report to us what we already have lived through. As if they had any idea what unemployment, without income was.
They all seem to enlighten us about being one with us, focusing on the middle class struggle, while they have all been living with silver spoons in their mouth.
They all of them, have never put cardboard, if they could find any, in their shoes because the soles were holes meeting their feet with the ground. How many of them have taken a shower in winter and dried themselves with holes and a little towel wrapped around feeling the cold air hit wet skin.
Mr. Cain not very versed on public speaking and not very versed on things other than running a company, was one who offered a plan to get us out of the hole we are in. He has offered us a 9, 9, 9 formula to simplify the tax roller coaster and have everyone paying an equal share. Here then is another BUT, nine percent income tax is a wonderful lure, who of us who make any money would like a nine percent bill instead of thirty five percent, nine percent income tax for corporations may be a good idea but  rather they instead of paying nine percent tax their funds would be wisely placed into research and development, corporations are alive to make money, that seems to be their primary purpose, why not let them do what they do best, it seems in our interest, those of us who have to earn an income to survive. Mr. Cain seems to have our interests at heart, though, I again would think the parties would not lend a businessman a helping hand. I have in fact, been known to be wrong,, on many occasions. If he is president, I hope I am wrong, again.
The other nine percent is sales tax, NINE percent sales tax would cripple those on the lower rung of the ladder, starving them to death. Nine percent sales tax on a pair of shoes is a lot of money, especially when we have to drive to the store to buy them. Unless Mr.. Cain explains what in fact is taxed i protest. We live in a consumer economy, the consumer drives the economy, without our buying goods and services the economy goes no where, unless, the model is going to change soon.
We seem to be a munitions and IT society, military, police, firearms, and information technology employ the highest paid and the most of the nation, where is that taking us.
Mr. Perry, one with a smart mouth, said all the facts he was presented with were wrong.  He celebrated bringing big corporations to work and employ people to his state, but gave little when presented with his removing funds from educating the children. When it comes to cutting spending for running a state there are many nuances that must be addressed, and all have priorities. Roads, moving goods to market is crucial, especially produce, picture the mess. Safety, for all of us who can not protect ourselves, and the boomers are a lot of us, should not be reduced, or should we return to the policy of being responsible for ourselves. Have you ever thought about the idea the sirens are the police warning criminals to run away because the good guy who is very frightened into doing his job is on the way. Religion is a big part of who he is, and religion seems to come first for him, does he not present himself like a preacher. While he does take responsibility for all the progress Texas has made for the cleaning up the environment he did not specify I don't think, what role he played in effecting that.
Mr. Perry also said Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Social security is money all workers contributed to fund their old age and of course, the U.S. Government has use of those funds. Therefore, the U.S. Government owes that money to the aging workers of America.
Each of us is responsible for our fair share, yet each of us fall into different sliding scales of ability and net worth so how is nine percent fair and how mandatory insurance fair, or, how do we make the income tax fair and how do we make the medical dilemma fair.
Mr. Santorum is in a fighting mood and I seem not to remember what else he stands for besides his religion.
Mr. Gingrich, along with other candidates, has aligned himself with the dead President Regan. I remember Mr. Regan spent much rebuilding the military might, and then we were in debt. Mr. Gingrich is a bright man with many ideas, a thinker, and his infidelity is an issue.
Mr.Paul is the only person up on the stage who really doesn't want the job, but he is fighting a good fight to fix America. Bringing home the troops is what he especially wants along with shrinking government, government does not add anything to the economy, it should be acting in the peoples interest, but it seems to be growing like a cancer and acting in it's own behalf. Mr. Pall is good to voice many of the issues facing us. He simply wants us to be aware of what is going on and what he believes needs to be done to fix the problems. He is the loudest voice for shrinking government. Whether or not you agree with all he says, you must appreciate his fervor for America, He is the Ralph Nader of the twenty first century, an important voice for integrity.
Mr. Huntsman told us that he was the only candidate who had the votes to make change. He is the only person on the stage to say he had a majority to effect the necessary policies to take government out of the way of the economy. His being ambassador to China, the country sitting with all of our nations outstanding debt is an interesting side to this race. He is familiar with China, the most populous nation on the planet, the nation with the most mouths to feed, the nation selling us most of the goods we wear, and need to make our lives  a bit comfortable. Actually, when you think about it we are China East, and it would serve us to remember that. We are no longer independent, we are no longer isolated. We can no longer think of ourselves as leaders. We are a nation in debt, that can or will, no longer produce our own goods.
Then there is the issue of the approximately twelve million illegal immigrants here. Those person who were hired by corporations at cheap wages to bring them, the corporations, big profits. We can not fault these illegal immigrants who were starving in their own country hiding themselves away here, to be able to eat. It is human nature to fight for survival. For the corporations that knowingly hired them, yes, those entities and their management should and will never be sanctioned or punished, they will continue to thrive.
For those illegal workers, if in fact they do work or have worked and lived productive illegal lives in the good old USA, lets consider a program: On the local level, they present themselves to a board, similar to a parole board, on an individual by individual basis, with two Americans to vouch for them and they, the illegal immigrants, demonstrate that they have in fact lead productive lives here. Then they will be given the opportunity to continue to stay here legally, and earn a living and if the so choose, have the opportunity to learn to become American citizens.
About the border, building a fence, is just something for someone to climb. People always do what they are not supposed to do. If the majority want a fence, then so be it. But then who will build the fence across America and Canada. Anyone who wants to get in can find a way to get in.
If they, the government that is, truly wants to prevent illegal immigration all they need do is warn everyone, they will be shot if they do choose to cross the border illegally, and if they don't believe it they can try crossing. Bullets are cheaper than fences and we already have them.
The other issue, education, feeding students is a very good idea. If you want to convince parents of the benefit of educating their children, promise to feed their kids breakfast and lunch and see how many kids arrive and stay in school. Nobody learns on an empty stomach, you don't believe me try it someday.

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