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Friday, September 16, 2011

Age of Obama Addendum

   Yes, the medical services industry will also have to make adjustments to contribute to the scaling down of expectations. Drug companies, medical equipment and doctors will be assumed to suffer along with the rest of us. But their life styles will see a dramatic shift, because, people will be forgoing the necessary treatments that would make their lives better. The economic difficulties will cause despair to overcome the logical decisions that were the impetus to seeking medical attention. Instead, the general public will adapt to the physical discomforts and deformities of the progression of diseases and live with the ailments. Mds will be a luxury after food and shelter and therefore irrelevant to the multitudes. Very few will be willing or able to take advantage of the knowledge and skill.  The new third world country will look and smell like the older third world countries. Thus then, the population will be reducing, except of course for the ignorant, who will be reproducing inspite of the limited resources afforded them.

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