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Thursday, September 15, 2011


bORN out of the bombs and blasts of WWII
BABY BOOM ERS are the present generation of humans
who wondered worried and wanted to know
how people could go to war
how could humans kill humans
they devoured books and articles on the subject
and still they could not comprehend
the horror
and the will to inflict the horror
they read
they asked
they wondered
what caused Germany to follow that man with the funny mustache
when germany lost WWI it was punished
for losing
when germany lost WWI it was punished
becaused the winners wanted what germany had
when germany lost WWI the winners
stripped the nation and the people of everything
they were left with no self respect
no pieces to pick up
no self worth
neither financially nor emotionally
they were the bad guys
and the winners punished them with revenge
they took all the marbles
and beat them black and blue
and instead of leaving them dead
they were left
for self worth
slowly, they, germany, rebuilt
slowly, their anger at having no illusion of self worth
to paraphrase Lady Chatterly's Lover
'after the fair, the master beat the slave
and the slave beat the cow
and the cow went into the field to cry'
and the man with the funny mustache sold to a people
downtrodden with their face burried in the mud,
a reason to feel good about themselves
and someone to pick on
and they picked and picked and picked
and the poverty lingered
and the madness spread
to paraphrase Charles Dickens
'beware this child
this child is ignorance
and beware this child
this child is want'
and still,
did not understand
time passed
life went on
the boomers lived the love age of Acquarius
with the flowers and long hair
the peaceniks or is it peacenicks
peaceniks like sputnik
and the Russians won the race to space
and the cold war was on
and the separated germany's
part of the punishment for losing the war,
although it was stated
punishment for starting the war
lived walls apart
until the actor/president
played the part of challenger/knight in shining armour.
Japan meanwhile, was punished
with the shock and awe treatment
favored by the red white and blue
hitting them below the belt
with an anger and rage
so uncontrolled
it wiped out two cities
And because there must have been so much guilt
the red white and blue
gave japan the technology
to do cheaply mass produce
what the red white and blue
used to do
And still,
in their naievity(sp?)
could not and would not believe
how could war happen
there were the war crimes trials
Richard W. Sonnenfeldt, the Chief American Interpreter
said of those on trial, "They were average guys."
And thinking about all the people involved,
there was a movie
showing the trial of a woman
because she needed a job
became a warden for female prisoners
and it was her responsibility to guard the prisoners
and when a fire broke out where the women were
this person, did not unlock the door
because it was her responsibility
to guard the women
to prevent their escape,
her comment was,
"I was just doing my job."
In the book,
"Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds"
there is the tale of the "Tulipomania"
where it is reported that in 1637 Holland
someone bid twelve acres of land for one rare tulip bulb.
The Boomers
after all their research
 the why ,
because they wanted to.
Because they wanted to millions lost their lives. resources were squandered
and society bears the shame for those who lost control,
because they wanted to.

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