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Saturday, October 1, 2011


When there is nothing to do
if there is something to do
Winter is upon us
As the leaves begin to turn
the colors
from green to orange, to red
to brown
winter is upon us
as it slowly
walks down the drive
winter is upon us
as the sun begins to fade
the nights begin
to grow longer
the darkness flows and spreads
over the landscape
the brush of night
the time of darkness
the cold chill in the air
the day ever growing shorter
as the sun continues to fade
the earth turns
away from the sun
night is upon us
the dark hiding the day
winter is upon us
with nothing to do or to say
winter is upon us
with nothing
for the sun to return
for when the days begin
to grow, larger and larger
than the night
the time when the sun shines,
until then,
we hide.

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