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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tax. When a government wants money they tax.
To justify the tax they say it is to promote health in the citizenship.
In America there is tax on alcohol
and there is tax on tobacco, as deterrent, they say.
But, people still smoke and pay the excessive tariff.
Tobacco is not outlawed, that would eliminate too many jobs,
the same for alcohol.
The price of a pack of cigarettes in New York City is about seven dollars fifty cents.
In Missouri a pack of cigarettes is about three dollars fifty cents.
The tax they say is to defer the cost of all those person who get lung cancer because they smoke.
If people smoke, knowing that cigaratte tobacco can and in some cases does cause cancer, then,
it is safe to assume that those persons are intentionally shortening their life. It then becomes the
question, why treat their cancer and prolong the life they obviously do not want.
On the other hand, if they, the smokers, do not believe what is said that smoking causes cancer,
then, they should be permitted to enjoy what the chose, or should they.
Does society have the right to control.
When does the  rule of law infringe on personal freedom.
If in fact, the individual is doing no harm to another individual then they should have the freedom to do
as they choose. Second hand smoke is the choice of the second individual and whether or not they
want to inhale, and therefore can remove themself from the environment.
Alcohol is also big business and has a lobby of millions of drinkers. The tax on alcohol is not as severe
as that for tobacco. But, they do have a monopoly. Probably marijuana is illegal because alcohol is
very big business. Or is marijuana illegal because many people truly believe and can prove that it too
does harm.
Alcoholics cause much damage, and are said to be ill. Alcoholism is a disease, yet, when a drunk driver
kills someone, the drunk driver goes to jail instead of a hospital. Alcoholics, besides harming themselves
inflict pain, loss and destruction, affecting others more than themselves. And the tax on alcohol is lower than
the tax on cigarettes. It would seem logical that alcohol be more controlled because of the effect on
more than the individual, even for the drunks who are not alcoholics. Selective discrimination.
If someone chooses obesity with education then that is their right. When a government tries to change
a population by taxation it is a government that has failed. The people have the right to choose, whether
it is good for them  or not. Divorce is a perfect example. People choose partners for the wrong reasons
then give up on the relationship, and they are permitted to admit their mistake and move on with their
life. Most often when you tell a child not to do something, that is exactly what they will do. Deny them
and they insist that that is what they want. Lifestyles are choices, riding instead of walking, flying instead
of the train.
There is something wrong. Society seems to be moving into a dark age, where education is avoided.
When people are educated they make choices that would better serve them. It seems that Denmark
is trying to raise money instead of safeguarding their people. Drastic measures would be better, if the
government subsides all the good food, so it all is cheaper and therefore more inviting a choice, because
they do not have the money. It seems suspect that the tax is done to benefit the people, and the people
will probably revolt, by either going to another country to buy what they want, or and vote out the
individuals who have put excessive pressure on the population. Good behavior is usually followed by
good example, and therefore there is not good example by the leadership of Denmark. Role models
are what changes nations.
We, the world, are missing honorable models, Ghandi, Mother Therese, Princes Di and Abe Lincoln are
dead. Can anyone name a leader worth following now. There is only one leader now and that is the
almighty dollar, Religion has lost out too, what with all the preachers who are being sued the Catholic
Church has lost its edge, even the Muslim leaders have proven that they too are human and we all see it.
Except for those who have been brain washed, most thinking people believe in freewill and the rights
of individuals to live their own lives. All we have is time, and we fight for the right to spend that time
the way we choose, not the way we are forced to live. Children are forced to behave in a way that
educates them for life, adults have the right to be all that they can be, and to waste away the minutes
if they choose. Give the individual the information and let them choose their path, puppets and robots
can be bought in stores.

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