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Saturday, October 29, 2011


If the leaders of the taliban believe what they preach
should they not now be dead
If it is heavenly law for taliban to kill infidels
to receive 70 virgins in heaven as repament for their holy ways
How can these bosses justify their existence when all the members
of their religion are killing themselves for the cause they so strongly
If the leaders of the taliban do not believe what they preach
then they are sacrificing young lives
so they, the leaders, get what they want,
control of the world
and thus should be prosecuted at the world court for war crimes
because they have thus declared war on the rest of the world,
 using their followers as their 'holy' weapons
That being said, consider these young people who are being blown
to bits for the cause {like the kamakazi pilots during WWII}
    These young people, versed in their good book, either being read to them
or read by themselves believe the rest of the world the enemy, and do not
have the honor of facing their enemy, eye to eye, before combat.
They sneak among civilians and implicate them in their battle. They, the taliban
martyrs, have no respect, nor regard, for any living person who does not
believe as they do, that death serves their god. These persons, assuming of course
that there are female taliban who believe as the taliban male, that life is better dead.
    Killing oneself because one sees no value in life is not unheardof, people do it every day.
Killing oneself and all the members of their family, is also not unheardof.
Killing ones enemy is of course the purpose of war, but killing oneself and one's enemy is
very productive, reducing the population, reducing the enemy, as well as reducing the ally of the cause.
Not a very western point of view for sure.
Shall we mourn the enemy of the west, that believes sex in heaven is better than sex on earth
or, a the promise of a lot of sex, with females who do not have the opportunity to choose with
whom they have sex, in the next life, or the heavenly life.
Or, should we mourn the leaders of the taliban, who preach to young ignorant minds
that sex is all they should ever hope to look forward to, that their animal urges are their only
purpose in life, or should one say, their only purpose in death. That that is all that is valuable in life.
While, the leaders live, giving no thought to using the end of their own life, to further, the cause,
which, if all things being equal, and more taliban die most of the time when a taliban believer
commits harikari, except of course for the occasional bingo success that wipes out a bunch of the
opposition, there will be no one for the taliban leaders to lead, and then they will consider the error
of wasting resources, unless of course, they have the seventy virgins locked away someplace and
they are growing more harikari followers of their own crop.
As a military strategy most generals would say it stinks.
Except of course, if the bomb is so big that it will level acres and acres of everything, then of course,
there is nothing won, because as they say, it will all be BLOWN AWAY.
Is it possible that the writer of the Islam holy book wants everyone to kill each other, thus ending
the life of the animal called man on the planet earth, or only the men, leaving the planet in ruins
to the women as punishment for mothering them.
Still, one can agree with the premise of eliminating the enemy, at all cost. And the merit of reducing
the world population since the economic hardships befalling us at present. But then, what general
would respect another general for eliminating the competition and all the economic resources at the
same time. One would at least want a place to live that would sustain life, unless in fact they too plan
to leave the planet with the rest of us, just to keep us company, or to prove us right.
And yet, one who has any honor can not honor anyone who does not confront their enemy. Cowards hide.
If the taliban truly believed what they say to non believers they would face their enemy with honor.
There are good guys and there are bad guys, historically the bad guys are the ones who sneak around
hiding their faces, except for the Lone Ranger and Zorro, but they like Don Quixote are fictional characters
little boys make believe stories.
The Christian Holy Wars were lies, turf wars under the guise of god told us to do it instead of the devil made
me do it! So, unless someone starts telling the truth, the lie will ruin it for all of us.

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