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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red yellow blue and black

Color provokes. You may look in the mirror and see nothing.
Red. Strong, vibrant, alive, passionate, fire.
Someone walking down the street, you do not notice, a person
going somewhere, you do not care.
Another someone, walking down the street, wearing RED, they
stand out, they are noticed. You look at the red, then you want
to see the face of the person wearing the RED.
You read between the lines. Are they angry, are they mad,
are they excited, are they sad. You notice the face, you notice
the emotion, and continue along the street.
Nothing is different, everything is the same, except - you noticed
the person wearing the RED. Your eyes are open. They are alert.
They were not that way before, before you saw the person wearing
the RED.
Yellow makes you smile, not necessarily outwardly, but you smile.
Automatically, the yellow makes you glad.
Blue, puts you to sleep, makes you calm and serene.
Black - and all systems shut down. And yet, you are attracted to
that woman in the black dress.

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