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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear Friend May 30, 1941 - July 5, 1943

October 9, 2011
Dear Everybody,
Here, seventy years later, are the letters written by my father's
friend, and then also my mothers friend Nunzio "Tony" Romano to both my
parents and then later my mother, when my father went also, off to war.
As yet to me they will also be a surprise. They will be listed in installments.

Fraternity Tree, Fraternity Park, Havana, Cuba
'This Cuban "Celba" tree was planted in fraternity Park, with soil from
all Countries of North and South America (including soil from Mount
Vernon, Washington), as a Symbol of Pan-American Fraternity and
Goodwill. 2cents Republica de Cuba stamps
Habana Cuba May 30, 1941 2pm
Hello: Having a fine time wish you were here . Regards Tony

No envelope Jan. 1, 1942
Hello Jean & Sal:
So you dared me eh! Well I dood it. Happy New Year to you happy couple.
I also wish you to know that I envy you too It was only my absent
mindedness that made me omit your name but if you'd have read between
the lines you would have known right off that I meant you too. You may
call me a liar because sometimes you & Sal may have disputes which may
make a showing if an unhappy marriage but I can understand that it is
not so because it happens in all marriages and only the ignoranimous
person would come to a wrong conclusion. Do I look dumb! You don't dare
say yes because I got you cornered now.
Your letters are very cheerful and whoever says that your is an inane
chatter, will have me to contend with. Believe you me, I make that
person change his mind mighty fast indeed and I don't mean maybe.
You will notice that I have delayed in writing to you a letter but I was
waiting till I had good news to tell you but as long as I received your
letter I am going to answer it right off. Altho' I have something to
tell. (Take it at it's face value.) For all it may be worth I cannot
say. Only time will tell. Today I was interview, you may say "What
again" and all I can say is "yes. They told me the same thing". The
interviewer write down clerk. And told me I will be put on some job as
administrator. At least he made me feel good anyway.
I do wish you get your heart's desire. By the way what is the matter
with your husband anyway? Is he a man or ( well, shall I say it?). Tell
him that life , is very short and the only happy thing in life is having
a dutiful wife and kids, and I mean kids too. (Plural form.) Just to
hear the racket they make is joy to ones heart. I miss those nephews
(the little devils) of mine.
We have quite a change here from what we had, The town is a great
disappointment to us but on the post we have a guy which at night gives
us vaudeville, an a theatre, which for the price of 15 cents symbol we
can see a good movie. So I guess it isn't so bad after all.
Our weather is changeable. Cold during the mornings and warm during the
day. We had snow the day after xmas but it's melted away, now. We had a
wonderful xmas. How was yours.
Please write again I will later tell you more of what happens to us
here. Regards to your godparents & family. And with best wishes to you
both I remain
Your sincerest friend
P.S. My new address is on the envelope.
P.P.S. Just saw a few cowboys.

Free mail
Miami Beach Florida Nov. 25, 1942
Dear Sal & Jean:
Your letter was most welcome and I am glad to hear that all is well.
So you think that your first choice is hell. I would like to know who in
hell can ever make heaven anyhow. Just think how nice and warm it will
be down there.
We're having fine weather down here now and what fun we have when we go
swimming. Don't you wish you were down here?
The other day we went out on the rifle range for target practice. I
think I'm doing a little better now, too bad my target wasn't a jap or two.
We also went on a detail moving furniture from one hotel to another and
what a job we did. All we left behind was the hotel structure. That's
what I call a clean job.
You may notice that we have a new address. We are still in the same
place but when you write again please use the new address.
I have very little time now so I'll close with best of regards to your
Godparents, parents & brother.
Your Sincerest Friend

(I just noticed there are no zip codes)
Postcard, Edgewater Beach Hotel 1410 Ocean Drive Between 14th and 15th
Sts. Miami Beach, Florida Ideally located… Surf, Sun bathing at your
front door… 75 Rooms… With Tub and Shower Spacious Lobby and Porches… A
distinguished address… free mail
Hello Just got in. Above is my new address. Weather a bit cold. Regards Tony

Free mail
La Junta CO Dec. 9, 1942
Dear Friends:
It was nice to hear from you but sorry to hear how you feel about being
out. Of course I know what the feeling is and understand you perfectly
but I'd rather be on the corner again anytime. But then it's best to get
in because your conscience is clear and you feel that at least you are
doing your part in winning this war no matter how little you may be
doing. Still I feel I'm being wasted here. Three months and still noting
in view. All I know is I'm to be a typist here but no job has at yet
been given to me. I don't understand it at all. It makes me feel
indifferent to everything because I've got nothing to look forward to.
Well, at least I've was able to have an allotment made for my parents. I
didn't think they were entitled to it but I found out otherwise.
Don't worry too much about Dan not writing because when I was away it
took over two months before my folks got mail. So you can see for
yourself that there can't be anything wrong. And besides Dan knows how
to take care of himself and he'll always come through. As for Tony, I
haven't heard from him since he left. His sister wrote me & told me that
he came back again but he left soon after. He never writes to me so I
never know what he goes through. He's got my address too.
So finally Pete is a proud daddy of two now. He wrote to me and gave me
complete info' on it all. I can imagine how happy he is. At times I envy
him and feel sorry for not being married before this.
So meat is getting real short eh? Well it looks to me like the cows are
on strike. They serve us less milk now than they used to.
How does your father-in-law expects to use the car. Isn't gas rationed?
Or do they let you get more now. What I mean to say is; does it pay to
buy a car now in these times?
Talking about the victory parade I wish to hell all this mess comes to
an end real soon. Some how I'm getting to miss home. I like being in the
army in a way, but then I'm too far from the folks that it's difficult
somehow to get used to being away so long. Altho' I've got one more to
break the record of being away from home the longest.
Well, the end of this page brings luck and happiness to you both and may
you get what your heart desires most, hoping it will do well for you I
Your Sincerest Friend

Free mail
La Junta, CO
U.S. Army stationery Jan. 22, 1943
Dear Friend:
I just got your letter & thanks for writing. I spent a lovely time here
for the holidays and we had lots of everything.
It sure is funny how a person will look upon his own child as a perfect
infant both in looks & in weight but then we can understand how it is.
Perhaps if we were to have one of our own we'd probably praise it so
much unconsciously.
I wonder if your brother was able to take any snapshots on his trip. He
must have had plenty of material to take pictures of but I guess it was
pretty difficult. He must have had some trip.
I am very glad for you that finally you're in. It has taken some time
but you finally made it.
You shouldn't feel so bad about not being able to get what you want
most. Generally it is best to lake the best of everything. Here I am,
after being classified and told that soon that typists job will be given
to me, but what happens? Nothing. I'm given it up. Let come what may
I'll get along until this mess is over. I am no longer disgusted. I just
look around and make it easy for myself no matter what. Some of the boys
were given different jobs but not the ones that they were qualified for.
They were moved to other barracks. I will soon be moved too. In the mean
time I try to keep out of their way so that they won't give me anymore
work . They seem to know my name by heart. In fact it appears to me that
if I'm around I'm sure to be put to work.
Give my regards to Red & wife & to your brothers Dan & Roy & your folks etc.
With best of luck to you both
I remain Your friend

Free mail
La Junta CO
U.S. Army stationery Feb. 21, 1943
Hello Jean & Sal:
Just a few lines to say all is fine and hope to hear the same from you.
Enclosed you will find a Photo of myself and someone else. Don't ask me
who she is because I don't even know myself. By the way, I could have
done better, don't you think? But out here there is a priority on girls too.
We have a bunch of new boys here from Miami Beach but none that I know
are amongst them. Also some new boys from Bakers' Field have joined our
squadron. They are washed-out Cadets.
We are moving from this area to another area but my address will be the
The weather is usual. So far it's doing pretty good. And with this I'll
close having nothing more to say….. Oh yes, …. I forgot about the dance
we had the other day. It was fun. Had a good time too.
Well so long
Your friend
P.S. Regards to all.

No envelope
USO United Service Organization stationery March , 1943
Dear Friends:
I just got your letter & glad to hear from you.
The girl in the picture is just a girl I met but don't mean a thing.
Some trip Danny made, I would like to hear more of his experience when
we meet next.
You ought to be lucky, being out of all this because we are only
spending government money uselessly. When they ask for an army of
millions, it's only figures; what we do after we're in is never said. If
I were you I'd take advantage of that bad ear and complain about it if
they try to draft you. You'd be doing more good for your country, being
out of the army.
(at the bottom of the page in red:
I guess Charlie is still the same. He told me his wife is expecting about
5 months.
I was given a job at the Coffee Bar to serve the night flyers. So much I
could tell you but I'd rather not until next we see each other again.
I asked for a furlough and I have a fair chance of getting it for the
Easter Holidays. If I do, I'll try to come up and see you if possible
because I will only have about 9 days for myself and you know how it is.
Everyone wants me too see them and I don't know just how I will be able
to do it.
Will let you know definitely if I get it. So with the usual salutations
to all I remain
Your friend

Free mail
La Junta CO March 19, 1943
Dear Jean:
As I have already written to Sal and you wrote to me, I therefore take
the liberty of addressing this letter to you, with apologies to your
husband. How do you like the color of my pencil? (green) Excuse it
please because it's the only thing I could find to write with, I'm
behind my counter at this present moment waiting for some business to
drop in but I guess on account of no flying because of bad weather I may
have to close early.
Please do not allow your feelings to over power your mind. Be like me,
indifferent to his ways. Better still don't give him any chances for
controvercies I hope I spelt it right). Yes him to death and before long
you will have him so groggy, he wouldn't know whether he's coming or going.
So, far I cannot really say whether my furlough will be a sure thing
until two weeks before Easter. It would really be an honor to have you
to call on me in your condition so I will compromise and try to see you
both because I would not think of having you go through so much trouble.
We'll it's nice of him to feel the way he does about getting into the
Army but I prefer getting a tire of fat around my waist than to being
knocked around this waste-land. How unpatriotic of me. I feel just like
a villian. Grrr… Well, anyhow I give the boys some very good hot coffee
(so they say) and at least I keep'em warm when they take off in their
planes. That's helping out in the War Effort. We may give a performance
over our local station & I think I will have to accompany on the piano
for some fellow who sings pretty good. Will say more on this the next
time I write. Regards to all.
As usual your friend

Free mail
La Junta Co March 27, 1943
Dear Friend:
I've just received your much touching letter & cannot find the right
words to express my feelings. Sometimes I feel like a fatalist. If only
you could see things the same way it would lighten your burden knowing
that no matter what comes we cannot excape it. And yet… I wonder-.
I hope he's not taken before I can get home on that furlough. On that
topic concerning letters. Don't you worry your pretty little head over
it .I'm quite lax on many things and never become seriously upset over
such trivials.
I must admit I'm a bit backwards in my spelling and knew you wouldn't
mind it much so I let it go at that. You do better than I do, that
program went over swell. I did wish you could have been here to see us.
It reminded me of the times you sang and I tried to accompany you. I
hope you haven't let your voice go because we will all (Sal, you & myself)
 get together again (and I hope the future tot would be able to join us too).
As I sit here writing,, I think of all the good times we had and the
time we were playing pinocle. Such fun. I hope to God this war will
hurry up and get over with so that we can start living normal again.
You must excuse me for writing in such a hurry because I am in a hurry.
I'm on my way to hear a concert and I don't want to miss it. In fact I
should be taking care of the fires but am taking time off for this
special occasion. I hope the fires can take care of themselves for a few
Let us try and make the best of it and face these sad comings with a
brave heart hoping & praying for the best .I remain as always
Your sincerest friend
P.S. Regards to all.

Free mail postmarked April 6, 1943
La junta CO
Dear Friend:
In answer to you letter I find it hard to compete with you and must
confess that yours is quite an interesting one. I will always look
forward to them for they have become a source of pleasure that excells
many of my other coresponders'.
'Tis a happy thought to know that you have faced the problem bravely,
which has confronted you these past weeks, causing you no end of
miserable anxiety, and solving it in your own manner, you have shown the
stamina of which you are made of. Remember this, combat all obstacles
with a brave heart and in the end you will find peace of mind leaving
you with a feeling of relief. One word of advise from a 'not to old'
friend. Try always to control your feelings. Towards those that may
annoy you with their silly chatter. Conceal your feelings towards them
as best you can. After all we all have our faults(and I feel as you do
too). If need be, excuse yourself from their presence, without making it
obvious to them of your feelings always giving a fair excuse.
Many times I would of asked you about your brothers, how they were & how
they were doing. But not having done so, I find it difficult to explain
why I haven't. Let it suffice that I've been rather neglectful and being
sorry I now wish to make amends by asking you now, Tell me all about
them….. Will you?
Our program, which went over swell, was about some waves who were coming
into our camp. We were to fix up a place for them to stay and find some
kind of entertainment for them amongst our own boys. We had some light
jokes built around a curling iron and etc. First on the program were an
accordion, Guitar and cornet. Then a solo (Tenor) with the trio. "Me &
My Gal" was harmonized by three boys (it stunk) who tried their best.
Next came a Baritone (I accompanied him)singing "When the Church bells
start to ring Ding Dong". (All about a sailor going to sea….. How
strange). We ended up with a Violin solo playing a Gypsy Melody. All in
all it wasn't so bad.
Now about the concert: They had six artists on the program. Two
violinists, a woman and a man named Ludlow Godfrey or something of that
sort. Have you ever heard of him? He was a famous violinist at one time.
Also a dancer, a cellist and a pianist, and a Tenor. Oh yes, there was
also a man to turn the pages for the pianist. Many of the numbers played
were unfamiliar to me but enjoyable. They played also, Ave Maria and
some Bach pieces. The Tenor being a Russian, sang some Russian folk
songs and I must say that they left me with quite an impression. Those
Russian tunes leaves me with a melancholy feeling and I keep longing for
them somehow. I must admit, at times they sound crude, but it makes no
difference, It sometimes leaves me in an ecstasy of complete sadness,
Can it be right ……. An ecstasy of complete sadness?
I am happy to hear how much you have become taken in by the better type
of music. You will find many hours of pleasure on this type of
entertainment that you will never regret the change of taste.
Now I have come to where I must close this letter with salutations until
I next here from you sending my best of wishes to you & your husband
friends and kinsfolks remaining as always
Your Sincerest Friend

Free mail
La Junta CO Colorado Waste-Land
Middle of No-Where
April 18, 1943
Dear Friend:
Although at this present moment I find myself at a total loss for lack
of something interesting to write about, I hope through the course of
this letter it will turn out better than I expect it to.
I just took time out to drink a cup of Coffee…. Do you smell it?… good
eh? Now I'm all set to go except for these interruptions.
Our last class of Cadets will be graduating by the 15th of May. After
they go we will have only officers flying our B25's. We also are
training Chinese Officers and most of them understand little or no
English at all so that it's difficult to converse with them.
Just got back from calisthenics. We are required to have one hour a day
for exercises and during that hour we play volley ball. It's fun.
A soldier in the army is, I believe a bit selfish. Always looking
forward to receiving mail but finding very little time on his hands to
answer them or else not having any thing to say. I was just thinking of
a buddy of mine, he writes to his wife every day without fail his wide
does likewise. I've often wonder what they find to write about. Don't he
ever run out of material? One of these days I am going to ask him and
find out.
I was expecting you to explode back when I wrote that piece about the
classics. Just that one word alone(Sir I had enough walop that if I
didn't know you better I'd of felt insulted. Did you say that you sang
Schubert's Serenade at the age of 9? Do you know what I sang at the age
of one? Shall I tell you? Do you want to know?
My dog should hear all about this chicken business being done in back
yards, Oh boy, what a feast he'd have. Chicken is his favorite dish.
What's this about cooking? Truthfully I never thought of your cooking
being bad, and I'm not saying this to be polite. Maybe your recipes
might have been limited and you are adding to it more and more as you go
You remind me of a character in a certain play when his thoughts were
spoken and he said the same thing about a baby. Gosh but Sal must be
feeling proud.
You must excuse me this time. I feel that I just can't think right and
so will close this letter with best of happiness to you and yours from a
soldier who serves coffee to those proud and gallant flyers "The Army
Air Corp" Quite an important guy I is, - is I not?
Your Sincerest Friend
P.S. Did I tell you about my furlough starting May 6th?

Free mail
La Junta CO April 27, 1943
Dear Friends:
I believe this will be my last letter to you until after my furlough. If
possible, write to my home address stating what evenings of this coming
week (of May 10) I may be able to find both of you at home. I will be
home for a little over a week and will try to come out to see you but
please do not feel offended if for any reason I find it difficult to
fulfill you obligation. But this I will do'; I'll try my very best to
see you if I do get my furlough . I won't be sure of this until May 4th.
I'll leave on the 5th and probably get home by the 8th (evening).
You ask me what I sang at the age of one(day), well, what do we all sing
when we first enter this mystic world of ours. Oh boy, what a pair of
lungs I had then . Ask my mother, she knows.
Yes, these are real genuine Chinese flyers and all are commissioned
My Easter was not as good as expected but I'll make up for it the first
Sunday I'm home. We will go over my brothers and what a time we'll have,
I hope.
Making this short I will close with my usual salutations and don't
forget to write to my home address. Hoping to see you soon I remain
Your sincerest Friend

Free mail
La Junta CO July 5, 1943
Dear Friend:
When your letter arrived telling me about the good news, about the same
time,, I also received Charlie's letter telling me of the arrival of
your little daughter. Congratulations. Gosh, just think of it. You both
are now mama and papa. Hw does it feel to be a mother? I was very happy
over this good news and I'm glad for both of you. But I'm sorry to hear
that Sal will be leaving you now, even if it is only for the duration
but as long as it has to be this way I do hope he'd be stationed near
home so that he could come to see you often enough.
Although I was glad to have had the chance of coming home, to see the
folks & relatives, also some of my friends, I must admit I felt out of
place somehow. But I did have a good time. Nothing much to write about tho'.
So far they have been shipping quite a few boys(at one time alone there
were 30 of them, in our squadron alone) to various bases further west
mostly). I have not been amongst any of them but I feel that maybe soon
we too will be shooed but so far as I know it will not be overseas as yet.
By this time Sal will have left. I do hope we'll run across one another.
It has happened to others so why not us.
I can understand a little how you must feel over all this and I hope
that your child will keep you cheerful Tell me all about the little one.
She must look cute.
I am working at the Twin Engine Supply issuing parachutes and my hours
are from 5P.M. until 1A.M. The work is quite easy too.
That was quite a letter written by both you and Sal. I'll save it in
remembrance of the eventful day. I wish you both all the joy in the
world and hope soon we will all be with our loved ones again soon.
With my best wishes to all and your father & mother I remain
Your Friend

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