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Saturday, October 29, 2011

ty -son, thank you

It's a beautiful day today.
The leaves are red, orange, purple brown and green
bathing the landscape in a visual palate spread for miles.
Some of the sulphurs are still butterflying around, even an
occasional monarch is seen flitting from mum to mum.
The sky is clear, after the scant rain of the other night
brushed the brown from the air to settle more of the ground.
It is a beautiful autumn day for a ride to fill the eyes with
color before the winter dull grey washes across the land.
Even the car windows are clean.
A perfect time to visit the autumn day.
Until, the acrid  aroma of consolidated waste assaults the senses.
The pungent putrification accumulated and growing, fouling the air,
and the land. Punishing the neighbors with waisted real estate
values due to the destruction of the land and water of
neighbors and other community members.
There is no waste reclaimation project for the liquid and solid
excrement. Even when the barns are empty of fowl the
air is not fit to breathe and everyone speeds past the
zone of waste. Local real estate is depressed more
than the national average. No one wants to live near
the barns, no one wants to do business near the barns.
And those that were there before the barns, wish they could
leave, and those that were there after the barns have learned
their fate too. All their hard earned money, saved and
invested in the land, worthless, worth less than the dust storms
of the depression. Water unfit to drink, air unfit to breathe,
a foul place to raise children, even on a beautiful autumn day.

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