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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Western Republlican Presidential Debate

Can Republicans can win anything by bickering?
The Biggest Prize for wasting time - waisting time otherwise allotted for their opportunity to impress voters with their abilities or knowledge
The  Failed Distractor Award for being so unprepared they bring more attention to their opponent rather than shining the light on their merits
Foolish Finger of Fate Award - me me me, look at me, with nothing original to say so instead I sling mud in my oponents face
Failed Debator Award - if the questions are submitted to the debators in advance, then they have nothing to say. If the  questions are suprises, then the debators have never given the issues any thought. OR there are no real answers and it still doesn't matter who is elected, and they are all only fighting to be the boss.
Let's get the record straight - was heard a couple of times - does that mean that candidates were intentionally misleading voters - or their research faulty: either way we are in trouble if we pick someone who does not have the record straight or who doesn't know what the straight record is or who is misleading the straight record.
Mr Anderson Cooper could not control the candidates, or the candidates were out of control. The debate for the most part  was a free for all. Free for Romney and Perry to occupy all the time, allowing them both to make fools of themselves in front of millions of voters. And if the American Voters vote for either we will deserve anything that happens to us.
Any Republican that publically blantantly can not debate a fellow Republican can not lead the country nor convince the opposition to see their point of view.
About the Latino American Population - If an illegal allien has a child on American soil should that child have the right to the benifits accorded under the constitution.
Foreign Aid is not really foreign aid, it is insurance, and any candidate that chooses to tell the American Voter that it is a waste of money is misleading the people into believing that we can do it all by ourself. The more allies we have {bought allies as well as true allies} the better force we have to ensure our safety.
America made a large mistake in dealing with Central and South America and Mexico - we ignored them - we ignored their needs and their well being and now it is coming back to bite us. If, when we had the opportunity, we invested in those nations, we would have in fact had allies.
Korea, Japan, Germany and Israel are strategic postions in the world where we  have troops positioned to launch an assault to either defend  our allies or thwart and attack on the good old USA. If we brought those troops home, what would they do, guard the Mexican Border every inch of it, while we become isolated and all the other free nations become vulnerable.
We have prided ourselves on being Munitions specialists, supplying many independent countries with the tools to defend themselves, are we now going to abandon our belligerent bent to become peace niks.
Big government is big control, perhaps we can not take care of ourselves and must therefore have government do it for us, or this is simply the natural progression from the independent to dependent, the yin to yang, pro to con, plus to minus, more to less.
Jobs - after WWII the mentality was to throw garbage into the streets to create jobs. Is government regulation the way to create jobs, of course not, products, goods and services are the jobs that generate benefit not government control.
Wall Street - yes, Wall Street has excesses, but the Clinton Administration Policy of deregulating Freddie and Fannie Mac changed the structure of the Mortgage Mechanism which funded home ownership, creating a false market for real estate. Then, the derivatives markets took advantage of the situation. And then Bernie made off with whatever value there was in the market place. And then, the SEC and the ratings agencies looked the other way or did they skim their share of what was there. And then, the shareholders were left with corporations that had stock prices which did not reflect their current value because eveybody already borrowed against any value that was there. The derivatives markets are the true markets today, they reflect the fear, greed, ignorance and want which is the market values of corporations today. The price of a corporations stock has and is diluted by the bonds, options, puts and calls issued now and into the future.
Hostages/Negotiating - The land is the asset, every soldier or citizen in harms way must realize that the land that is called the United States of America is what we fight for and the persons of the population are in fact all we have to defend the land. We have state of the art weapons and do our best to stay ahead of the pack, in maintaining our arsenal. If Russia had the resources to maintain their space superiority we would in fact continue the space race,  but since the fall of the USSR we have assessed their inability as no threat. Americas army at present is a mercenary army, if there was a threat to American soil that the mercenaries could not sustain the government of the United States of America would in fact reinstate the draft, and every available person, probably male and female would be ordered to defend our shores, and anyone who believes otherwise is deluding themselves. Israel is a small nation compared to the USA and needs all it's citizens to defend it's borders besides any allies they have and therefore must value every citizen and must therefore display that value to it's people and the world. Israel is land locked by enemies or nations with different values.
Yucca Mountain - nuclear waste is like a methadone clinic, do you want one in your back yard. Waste disposal should be or is  the  industry of the future. Except that, overpopulation is usually alleviated by extermination aka WAR, and we, the human race will reduce the population thus reducing the waste accumulation. Survival of the fittest.
The fittest candidate to lead the nation is the one you believe who can make us proud, whatever that means.
Or, the person who does not whine like the bachwoman or bicker like the romperry or pray like the sa'ntor'um or build a wall like pall or tax like cane or  snicker like a newt or preach like a bama.
The other two candidates weren't there or weren't heard from so they are not recognized during this night of debate.  

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