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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Friend May 1, 1944 - June 12, 1944

Free mail
La Junta CO envelope dated May 1, 1944
Dear Friend:
As I sit here answering your letter, the rain is pouring down in sheets
and the water is just sipping through the walls. All this is just
appropriate for letter writing so I hope this letter will be found as
interesting reading matter as I am finding pleasure in writing it.
I am not angry at all and even if I were, your mother's words have
soften my heart so that all is well again. I can't help myself now, so
I'll just have to write another request letter to show my appreciation
for her kind thoughts.
I was very glad to hear that you won't have to be operated on so that no
it is up to yourself to lift your spirits --- by the way your letter
does sound more cheerful and I must admit you are a very good girl now.
I read it to him that little piece concerning Charlie and somehow in
trying to defend himself he said to say that really at heart he's only a
kind loving soul - - a sort of a Romeo - - and if his appearance is that
of a wolf his heart belongs only to his one and only, and he thanks you
for being on the side of the marrying men. We have quite a few of them
around here, especially one whose always talking about his beautiful
one. But when she delays in writing to him (his name is Louis) he looks
awfully depressed and that's when I come in to console him - - the good
Samaritan - - now you can understand what I mean when I say "poor fellow".
Did I mention K.P. in my last letter? Well, I still didn't get it but
within two more weeks ……. That's enough of that. It's very distasteful
to talk about it and if for a moment you have any thoughts in your mind
such as - helping with dishes , etc, - you will be greatly disappointed
because when us boys are back we won't want to look at dishes and etc.
So sorry please.
When your letter arrived I received one from Sal at the same time also a
letter from my folks saying that they received one too and sent it on to
me to answer it for them. My folks are happy to hear from Sal and so am
I but now I'll have to be patient and write to him even if I don't hear
from him although it is a pleasure to write to write to him for I can
understand how those boys always hope for news from the home front.
What can I say about Dewey????
I'll say that he's quite inexperienced although it's contradictory to my
former beliefs but then he'll have his advisors just like Roosevelt has
his. What we should do is vote in their advisors instead. What we need
is young heads because old ones just follow the same old routine until
it is proven outmoded by an axis temporary victory then, and only then
they try new tactics.
It looks like Lucille is picking up what you left off - - ha! Ha! -- and
getting teeth too (by the way your not losing any, eh!) Just think when
Sal gets back how proud he'll be to see her grown up and - - say, isn't
it about time for her to start walking? I'm looking forward to seeing
her if and when I get my next furlough.
And now, about myself - - - that's gong to be pretty tough to write about.
I am now the official gardener and all I do is water my garden although
today the weather is taking care of that……The boys are joking me and
keep telling me to go out and water the grass. Oh yes, you should see my
beautiful garden. I have such wonderful weeds growing and a few poppy's
to give my garden a sort of flowery affect.
I was in town the other day and weighed myself. Found to be 144 lbs.
I've got to protect my waistline.
Last night they opened up the servicemen club for Pvts. & Pfc.'s and so
to commemorate this gala event, the P.X. gave out free beer to the boys.
You can rest assured that I didn't fail to show up.
Emma, that's John, is on K.P. this week as that only Frank, that's
Merry, and myself were over making a pig of ourselves.
On the next page is a request which you can use for either your brother
or Sal. All you need do is tear this letter in half. I don't know
whether or not you need it at present but all the same, just in case you
do, I am sending it along. I got myself a couple more rolls and pretty
soon I'll have enough rolls to last me the whole summer.
So I close another letter with regards to your folks and friends and a
great big kiss for my little sweetheart Lucille.
As always
Your friend
May 27, 1944
Dear Jean:
This is a request for roll of film that I need. Please get me rolls of
film for my camera which is No.
Thanking you for this kind favor I remain as usual

Tony Romano

Free mail
La Junta CO Sat. April 8
Dear Jean:
Somehow I had a feeling that you were going to send me those rolls of
films and was glad to get your letter this morning stating that they
were on the way. Our P.X. don't get very many rolls and generally when
they do come in, which is once a month, there is always a line-up for
them and we are lucky enough to get any, besides we're only allowed one
roll. Many times they are all sold out before I get a chance to hear
about it so you can imagine how grateful I am to find a friend in you
who will go to the bother to get films for me. I am very grateful to you
and wish to offer my thanks. Enclosed you will find two dollars ($2.00)
and fifty cents in stamps which you undoubtedly can use. You will also
receive some pictures in the near future, but first let me go with this
Yesterday, Charlie Pleger, another fellow called Carroll and myself went
out to Rockyford airfield to straighten out some cones and lights. We
left right after the noon chow and brought my camera along. In the way
over we stopped by Holbrook lake . Are you surprised to hear we have a
lake out here where it's hot and dry? I've noticed it lately that this
part of Colorado seems to have an abundance of small and large lakes. As
I was saying, we stopped by the lake and took some pictures. Then after
arriving at the airfield we finished up our work which we started the
day before, afterwards we looked around for some good photographic
scenes. In our search we found a skeleton of a dog, intact (revolting
isn't it) and this we used in a picture. I hope these pictures come out
because we were using a sensitive film which belonged to Charlie. If
they do come out good I will have some extra prints made of them and
send you some of the best ones. When we got back to the barracks we took
some more pictures of all the boys in the field lighting crew because it
won't be long before we may be all scattered around this global war.
All we hear now is shipping orders coming out of headquarters quite
regularly and before long I too may find myself on one of these orders.
One never knows what will happen next. We lost one crew member two weeks
ago and another one is leaving next week. In this squadron along we have
about a dozen leaving next week. I received a letter from Sal about two
days ago and I've answered him yesterday. I try to write to him weekly
whether or not I hear from him. He's made contact with two other boys
who are overseas too, whose addresses I've sent him and he's heard from
them too. He doesn't say much in his letters but I guess it's hard to
write about anything without it being cencored. I am glad to know that
you hear from him every day.
It will be a good thing for you top get away for awhile. Country air
will do you good and it may help to steady yourself a bit.
I agree with you. If they'd only leave politics out, this war would end
sooner than it would otherwise but then what we do about it? If Elearror
runs again I will vote Republican (Thank God Wilkie dropped out). We had
a discussion and we think that the party's only concern is to outdo one
another and in this battle, the public is somehow left out. Anyway,
we're the under-dogs and no matter what comes, we pay out the most in
life and blood.
As you already know Frank(Merry) is in 1010 sq. and they were having a
big party in one of the hangers. Emma & intended to crash in.
Sun. April 9
Well' we finally walked in on the party nonchalantly after hanging
around like two unconcerned persons walking around minding our own
business and a good time we had too. Free beer & sandwichs besides some
wonderful entertainment straight from Denver. These were girls and - woo
-woo! What girls too. This party was given with the 1010th squadron
money and I heard they spent plenty too. 311th is spending their's on
Venetien blinds and we don't get much fun out of that.
This afternoon we went to a movie - this is, Merry, Emma, and myself, -
and we saw "The Hour Before The Dawn" I think it was pretty good. After
that we went over to Emma's barracks and enjoyed some of his wife's
foodstuffs. I must make a note of it - send Emma's wife a letter to
thank her for sending that stuff to Emma. We all enjoyed the little
private picnic.
How could I be angry with you for delaying? After all the trouble you're
going through and besides there are times when I do the same to others
because it can't be helped. We try to enjoy ourselves whenever we get a
chance and many times I allow a letter to lie for days unanswered. Quite
selfish don't you think?
You told me about your brother Frank & Larry in your last letter and I
think he deserves the Silver Star after all he's going through.
I forgive your scribbling although I don't know why. Compared to my
handwriting I believe it is I who should ask you to overlook such
terrible scribbling and again I will mention it; hope you don't mind the
stamps. I thought you could use them. Tell me if you do object.
We've had a terrible hail yesterday and it started in to rain at night.
This morning it's snowing and it looks like I'll have to hybernate till
it's over. The planes are grounded because of the damage done by the ice
Today we played some pinocle with the boys and somehow it don't seem the
same like when we used to play it back home.
The films haven't arrived yet but will tell you next time how they
arrive. For the present I'll close with regards to everyone at home & a
kiss for Lucille.
As usual

Free mail
La Junta CO envelope dated June 12, 1944
Sunday morning
Dear Jean:
I don't think I'll ever get so vexed by your insufferable delays, in
answering my letters, as to make me that angry. Answering so many
letters does make one become irritable, not because we don't wish to
correspond with anyone in particular but because after awhile we find
very little to talk about as we live a very hum-drum life and sooner or
later we run out of interesting news. And for that reason , I too, delay
in answering letters hoping that the other party des likewise so that I
have more time to collect further writing material. Altho' your letters
are always interesting and something to look forward to, if you do
delay, don't feel like you're being offensive. If you could only see
John Emma, you'd know what I mean to say and also Merry. Every time one
or the other looks for John, he's always found writing letters and going
a but nuts trying to catch up with his writing. Just when he's just
about caught up - bingo!! - four or five more letters pop up. It gets to
be annoying after a while. Especially when you go around to see a friend
and find him too busy writing letters that you'd have to look for
someone else to go to a movie or to whatever else etc. etc.
Now that Lucille is getting ready to walk soon, she sure will give you
plenty of work to do. I can just see that house being upset and you
having to straighten it out every time.
Don't you dare wish me no long and delightful K.P. - I'm an Elephant I
is - anyway, by the time you get this letter I will have had half the
week of K.P. done.
Well, the wolf - er - I mean Pleger, is gone. But let me tell it from
the beginning: Two men were wanted for Aerial Mechanic school so we
volunteered. The next day Charlie was taken but I wasn't. Guess why? You
couldn't if you tried so I'll tell you. Take heed Jean!!! I was too old
- ha! Ha! - what a laugh. That's one on me. It's the first time it ever
happened where I was called too old. This means that from now on and
even in civilian life I'll be too old for something or other. I wonder
whatever happened to my crutch, I can't get around without it. "Oh
youth! Thy joys I miss Why hast thou forsaken me - "
Back to my story again" Charlie left a week ago Saturday and is now in
New Mexico. I heard from him once but there is very little to tell as he
hasn't had a chance to gripe yet.
I know how you must feel, not getting any mail and especially now that
the invasion is on - no - I won't talk about that lest of open up an old
wound. Let's not even think about it - well - anyway not too much
otherwise it'll get the best of you.
Many boys are leaving this camp; in my department alone, two boys left
last week and two more are going tomorrow sometime. Guess where they are
going - New Hamshire. It's a break in a way but then I hear that they
are going over. By the looks of things I'm afraid I won't have this
racket much longer and maybe I too will go with the others. The place is
getting a bit on my nerves so I won't mind it a bit . We only have eight
fellows for night work and three for day work. Before long this camp
will be left with only a skeleton crew.
You got the address right except for the number. It's 3020 and not 1010.
How does it go? - What the clothes is to a line, this line comes to a
close - is that correct?
Best wishes and regards to all and love to Lucille friend
Friend Tony

Free mail
La Junta CO Sunday, June 25,
Dear Jean:
I don't know about that girl who had four of them. Instead of being a
help sometimes they turn out to be more work. I don't know about K.P.
either; it being tame. At least I'm glad Lucille is teething finally.
She can take a few bites for me. I've heard so much about the Catskill
that I guess it must be a swell place. If it has no sports, then it's
just the place for you. You sure do need rest. So that's the kind of
town it is. You have to look twice so you don't pass it by. I think it's
a pretty good idea having a rocking chair but none of that modernistic
stuff. Just a plain comfortable one would do, and as to my age, well,
Sal & I were both born the same month & year. That's something you never
knew. Ha! Ha!
Yes, you misunderstood me. What I meant to say was that one never knows
what will happen next. As to Hampshire to me it's still a Ham. Yes, it's
one of those rotten holes. Just heard form those boys that left and
they're complaining already.
Just got a letter from Sal. It arrived a few days ago and came on the
same letter he wrote it on. He wrote it on May 31st. All he had to say
was that he had a new APO number and that he writes to my folks. He
asked about Charlie. Also that he can't say no more. I hope you heard
from him but if you haven't, it's because they're holding back some of
the mail.
Now that they have or should have Cherberg I hope things will move fast
so that it'll end soon.
I can't think of anything to write. My mind is so distracted so forgive
this crude letter and patience. Hoping that God will bring peace to us
once again I end this with regards to one and all from
Friend Tony

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