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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Friend Jan 4, 1944 - Mar 9, 1944

Free mail
La Junta CO envelope dated Jan. 4, 1944
Dear Jean: Mon. 5:30P.M.
As they say in Italian "Bona Fiesta Fate". And so we enter into the New
Year with hopes of peace ahead.
You may notice something new in my return address which I will explain,
further on in this letter so first I shall answer yours of the 21st and
then of the 24th of which I wish to state how happy I as to receive them.
That fellow Sal introduced you to, wearing glasses is Cosmo and I've
heard Joey Piz, who is Cosmo's Nephew. He is now home with his folks. My
brother told me all about him .As for that clipping from "The News"…..
if I knew Cosmo to be the same now as he was a while back I would say it
to be just a Publicity Stunt and nothing more.
Yes, I was glad to get that extra letter.
Do you want to know something, -- I knew the word was spelt wrong but
time was short and I was too much occupied on writing that I just
couldn't interrupt myself my asking someone how to spell the word,
besides I can't give myself away to my friends and have them discover
how 'igerant' I am.
Glad you liked that poem. What a great surprise to hear that Sal is
still around and close by too. I hope he gets to see you often. I just
wrote to him on Sat.
How time does fly; Lucille is growing fast and it won't be long before
she starts walking. Hope that Santa treated her well this past year.
Now you must take care of yourself. I hear that the flu broke out in
California but all is well here. I believe the army does everything to
prevent any ill to enter our field. Believe me I get less colds here ,
than when I used to be home. It's because the weather is dry out this way.
I may not do so bad without my glasses when writing but you should see
me when I have to attend my movie on different subjects such as
'Maleria'(I know, it's spelt wrong), 'Battle of Russia' and etc. You can
always find me in the front row, and even then I can't make out the
picture so well. I haven't seen a good movie for ever so long but I'll
make up for it as soon as my glasses are repaired. It takes a little
time to get them fixed.
That was a wonderful xmas present to have Sal home for the holiday.
Charlie wrote and told me about the special greeting he got from the
President. He should feel proud.
I was very sorry to hear that your mom got the flu and hope she will be
over it by the time you get this letter.
My paragraphs may appear short and to the point. That's because I'm a
bit excited in finding myself in new surroundings.
I was on K.P. as usual, when I received your two letters. Since then
I've had so many more that I am finally catching up with them. Yesterday
I was off and wrote quite a few and today or rather tonight I intend to
write two more after this one. Then I will be all caught up.
We've had a dirty deal played on us while we were in the Guard Squadron.
But now I am happy to break the news to you. I have finally been
transferred. In fact, all of us who were unqualified for guard duty were
transferred to various squadrons. Three boys went to 402 Hq. Sq. Another
two boys were sent to the Line Sq. which is called 1010 Sq. The rest of
us which amounted to four were sent back to our old Sq. 311 After moving
all our clothes back9which didn't tale us long and we left so fast you
could feel the swish if win). Then we reported to our C.O. who was glad
to have us back. He reassigned us to various jobs. Two of us, I being one
of them were assigned to 'field lighting'. It has something to do with
the air fields and it's lighting system. Will tell you more about it
later on as I haven't had a chance to get acquainted with my duties as
yet. We had to move all our stuff,(clothes, bed, etc.) out nearer to the
field. I'm glad for at least we're by ourselves with no one bothering us.
I had been busy all day in moving and going over to the hospital for
another shot that at this moment I find myself with time on my hands.
It is now 7:30P.M. You must be wondering what takes me so long in
writing this letter. I admit I am a little slow in letter writing but a
while back the radio had some funny program on that I had to listen. It
had me in stitches. Then there was some news of the war which was good
but concerning that ship in New York Harbor wasn't so good.
Christmas was spent with Merry and Emma. Emma's wife sent Merry and me a
xmas card. That was very thoughtful of her. We had some stuff and so we
got together and chewed the fat while eating. Then we went to the P.X.
and had some near beer, Emma was a fireman over at the Ground School and
was promoted to another job. He's now filing Teck orders. Merry is some
sort of a record keeper out on the line(he's in 10 sq.)and keeps a
record on the blackboard of the aeroplanes that are still out.
Some bad news now, Furloughs are being frozen in 311 Hq. & Hq. Sq. so
that now I will have to do without for sometime to come. I feel a great
change will occur on this field soon. I'll let you know if there is .
Just now they're going over our records to see if we had our full basic
training. If not we must take it over again.
I am now on my last page. Guess I'll let those other two letters go for
awhile. Me and another fellow., (he was in the guard squadron with me)
his name is Charlie Pleger; we will take a walk to the P.X. and taste
some of that rotten beer. It sort of breaks the monotony and gives us
something to do. So now I will end this letter hoping your folks are
well and also yourself and Lucille. Remember me to all and with my love
to Lucille I remain
As usual
P.S. If Sal is still around(which I hope he is) give him my regards.

Free mail
La Junta envelope dated Jan 25, 1944
Monday night
Dear Jean:
How the boys are envying me-pages and pages of writing- all were filled
with curiosity to know what the letter contained so I've got them
guessing. It's all in fun but they're still in the dark.
I must interrupt this letter…..
Oh what wonderful music. I just had to listen to him. He's one of my
favorite baritones - Enzio Pinza - and guess what he sang? Three
numbers. An old Italian live song, Lothario's aria - I'm not so well
acquainted with it but it sounder beautiful - and a trio, with two new
comers, from Faust. That trio is at the end of the opera and the English
title for it is "Holy angels in Heaven bless't" I just could not resist
the urge to stop and listen to him. Very seldom I get a chance to listen
to that kind of music because the boys around here don't go for
classicals or operas. The music of Chopin's I've always enjoyed,
especially his Waltzes and Preludes. They're very short pieces but quite
Never.. Never make excuses for delays in writing but as for an extra
boring letter, I will always enjoy receiving them. Bore me to death
won't you please???
Now I've got a whole bottle of milk beside me, an apple, and a sandwich.
Want some? Bet you're wondering how we do it - well- we work nights so
we're allowed to bring back with us some midnight snack but tonight
they're not using the auxiliary fields, so many of us are off. It's only
8:00P.M. so I felt a bit hungry. Oh! What a life.
How happy it makes me to hear that Sal has arrived safely. I hope we'll
hear from him soon. Just wrote him another letter -Vmail- I guess we're
both boring him with letters. It's good to hear that your brother Frank
is away from the front. He deserves a rest after all he's been through.
He'll have some tall tales to tell when we all return home again.-sprout
wings and start cooing,,,oh,oh! Is my face red. I slipped that time.
Please don't give me away or I'll never live it down.
I guess I have to admit that my letters may not have been very
interesting but I can say, they were dull. Somehow it's not so very easy
to write when all that I get is a letter scribbled in such a manner that
it's obvious he was too busy to spare a few minutes for those in
service. I do not take advantage of the fact that because I'm in the
army, I should get letters all the time, but at least I expect an answer
to my letters. I had to write to Pete twice to remind him that I was
still waiting to hear from him. Then finally after delaying a long time
he writes. I know how Pete is so I don't hold it against him so when I
write to him, I just make it brief -but not cold- and tell him just how
things are going, etc, etc. Perhaps my letters lack humor when I write
to Pete. Yes, come to think of it, I believe that's it.
By the looks of it, the draft board are not overlooking anyone. Just
like them. Oh boy, won't I be happy when they draft our draft board.
That'll call for a celebration.
-mad as a cow-tsk,tsk, you sure do slay me. Where do you pick these
quaint sayings?…they're good.
Why should I worry about P.T.C. My nephew broke down and finally wrote
me a letter. He addressed me as Colonel.
I'm doing very poorly. You've wrote me 6 pages and I'm returning only 4.
Well I owe you two. But then, my handwriting is very small….will that
compensate for the shortage? Huh? No-o? Ah please, only this one time.
Few more lines to go; now what can I fill them with ….oh I know. Regards
to all and for Lucille I give these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Dear old uncle Tony

Free mail
La Junta CO Feb. 4, 1944
Dear Jean:
It's really a pleasure to write to you. Your letters are interesting and
something to look forward to… That's why I try to write my best hoping
that I am succeeding. It's a good idea to come home but I'm afraid it
won't be for some time now. Many boys have left & many more will be
leaving for overseas. You've read in the papers that they expect to get
2/3 over by the end of the year so we never know who will be going from
here. Last week I was called back for a physical but rejected because of
poor vision so now you know that for the present I will have to remain
Some boys that were discharged are being drafted again. What a crazy
army. Or is it, that there's a tough battle ahead of us . I guess
that's it.
I have already heard from Sal, sometime last week altho' he hasn't
received any of my letters yet. He seems disappointed as far as England
is concerned, He wanted so much to go to Italy.
I like your proverb. It's very nice.
Yes, you should get out more. After all staying home and pining won't
help matters any. That's all I do. Go to movies at least three times a
week. Here's some of the pictures I've seen: "Song of Russia", "Ali
Barba & 40 Thiefs", "Cross of Lorraine" (all three were very good,
especially the last named) and "The Seabees". This one was poor.
We've had plenty of snow lately and when they began to clear the runways
& taxiways they cut up all the wire so that we had to use pods for
lights. In the meantime we had plenty of work splicing the wire.
I haven't told you about Merry. This is gonna be good. Buz-z-z……….Merry
got a furlough about three months ago. He had no girl friend. While at
home he had a wonderful time. When he came back, Emma and I became
suspicious and noticed the long letters he wrote, Soon he began to
receive letters which we couldn't help seeing how they were sealed. Yes,
you've guessed it. Sealed with a kiss. We soon got it out of him. He's
got a girl friend and it's turning into a real love affair. When a guy
spends a dollar for a Valentine, it must be love. He used to kid Emma
along about his letters to his wife. He used to write a letter a day.
Now Merry is doing it and Emma is ribbing him for it. Emma is getting
his revenge. Merry claims he's not in love but I guess he hates to admit
it. We've got him going now. Probably on his next furlough he may get
hooked. He's being true to his one and only so there's no more town for
him and we're keeping our eye on him too. By the way we even found out
her name. It's Millie. Nice name don't you think. That's what Emma says.
Had to leave off to give the boys a hand with some wires out on the
ramp, and just got through now. It's 10:30 and after fixing the fires
I'll turn in . So au revoir and regards to all. Love to Lucille
Your Friend

Free mail
La Junta CO march 8, 1944
Dear Jean:
Arrived safe and sound but not too overjoyed in my retuning. All the way
over, the train ride was a bit weary and tiresome, although that was to
be expected but in spite of all that I must confess that we made pretty
good time, arriving here on Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock. The U.S..O.
was still closed at the time so I had to wait around awhile until it
opened . About a half hour or so I hung around until it did , so then I
got myself a nice clean shave and a good shower and then caught the ten
o'clock bus into camp. I spent the rest of the day getting all my
clothes set and took in a move early in the evening called ?Hie Rookie.
It was a pretty good show and I enjoyed it all the way through. I forgot
to mention that after getting myself all straightened out, I went in
search of Emma and Merry. They sure were glad to see me. We all went to
show together and after the movie we had some beer at the P.X.
Today we cleaned up the place extra special This had been going on now
for over two weeks. Of course you can figure out the rumors why for as
usual, we are expecting the general to pop around any day now. The news
is that he's coming in tomorrow.
From today on we are to put in one hour of close order drill each
week. This came up while I was away so today I put in my hour and it all
reminded me of my first days on the army and of my basic training.
Considering the length of time we haven't been doing this stuff I must
admit we were pretty good at it and made fine showing soldiers.
There isn't anything new, here at the field except for one feature. We
must now march to and from work each time by ourselves, that is if we
are more than three in a formation. Guess they're looking to militarize
this field and make it look more like an army post, so that now, we have
to contend with this new order that came out of headquarters. Same old
camp. It never changes much.
When I went over for my mail I didn't expect to find any so you can
imagine my surprise when I was handed a hand full of mail with three V
mails included, two of which were from Sal. All he had to say was that
he's getting along fine and from his point of view it didn't look like
it was going to be over soon. He's been receiving my mail right along
and he's been writing to you everyday but can't understand why you
haven't been receiving his letters. He's asked for the baby and after I
get thru' with this I'm going to write to him to tell him all about
everything that I left out of that letter I wrote to him while I was home.
Hope you could send just a couple, say about two of those pictures that
we took and in the letter state the time exposure also mention the
amount of watts that bulb contained . I hope this letter finds you all
well and healthy, I now close with regards and love to Lucille from Tony

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