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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Friend July 10, 1944 - Nov. 2, 1944

Free mail
La Junta CO envelope dated Jul 10, 1944
Dear Jean: Sunday nite
Altho' my letter sounds disconsolate please don't let it fool you. I'm
just getting lazy but most of all tired waiting for this war to end just
like everyone else is waiting too. Nope, no girl as yet and no prospects
in view either.
Now wasn't that one of the best pictures to have come out of Hollywood?
It impressed me so that I'll always remember it for a long time to come.
I can imagine how happy you must be, getting a letter from Sal. From now
on you hear from him quite often. It's good to hear that he's happy at
his job and I hope he stays in England.
Your French sounds good, how about this --- wie iest des wein New York?
Now it's about time you should take that rest, it'll do you good. Too
bad I can't join you.
Pleger after leaving us for Las Vegas , N. M. kept writing to me and now
he shipped out again to St. Joseph, Mo. And the way he talks about that
place it sure is G. I.'s paradise. They have wacs there too and
everything they do, they do together. It's just one bug family out
there. Too bad I couldn't get to go there too. Guess I'm not that lucky.
Frank(Merry) and Emma are going home soon on a furlough and they've got
it all planned out what they're going to do while home.
We went swimming last Sunday. We hitch-hiked it to Rockyford pool which
is quite a ways from here and to get in we had to pay 4 bits. They threw
in the swim trunks for free but you should have seen me in them. What a
scream. They had two sizes, either too large or else too small. Each
time I came out of the water I had to hold on to mine. But we enjoyed
This Tuesday we will go for our semi-annual physical for overseas. Will
let you know how I made out.
So Charlie is soon going to leave this fair land of ours. Well, I wish
him luck on his new venture.
Keep cheerful and remember me to all, best regards to everyone at home from
Your friend

Free mail
La Junta CO Sat. July 30
Dear Jean:
Just got a letter from Sal and he seems to be getting along O.K.
although he couldn't say much in his letter.
I don't think this war will last much longer if only those Russians keep
on rushing towards Berlin. Already they are about 330 miles or so from
Berlin, this is less than the distance from San Francisco to Los
Angeles. When you look at it on that manner it isn't so far from our
That little phrase is something I tried putting together although it
isn't correctly constructed. I've been trying to learn some German while
I can get the chance but I'm afraid I'm not getting very far with it,
the more I learn the more confused I get with that crazy language.
I remember that town Cairo' when Sal and I went upstate abut ten years
ago we passed thru' there. That place brings back memories of my youth,
er, I mean , my golden youth gone by never to return again. Why is it
that we have to grow up for? Can you tell me?
As usual we all went up for our physical and they were passing them like
hot cakes but when they got to me it was thumbs down. I'm still
considered a very poor specimen that nature just added to our mother
earth just to fill up the quota of human beings. All they want out of me
is work and then more work. What an insult to my dignity. Such words
disgust me utterly. I'm the type of fellow that goes fishing and never
puts a bait on his line so his slumber wouldn't be disturbed.
Did I mention about Emma and Frank having gone on Furlough? Well, by
this time they're enjoying themselves; so their mother told me, And also
I heard from Pleger and he too was on furlough and guess what… well, he
got married. I don't remember whether I told you this or not.
All the boys that past the physical had to go for their shots last week.
I looks like they might send some of them across soon. Wasn't I lucky
not to have to take any shots. I sure dread them.
How is Lucille doing and how did your vacation turn out? Did you stay
there longer than you had planned?
Again I am running out of words so I bud you adieu once more with best
of regards to everyone at home and my love to Lucille from
Your friend

No envelope Sept. 14, 1944
Dear Jean:
My trip back was not as tiresome as it was coming over except that I
hated to think that my furlough was over and I'd have to wait another
six months but somehow I feel that it can't be very much longer before
all this will be over and remain only a thing of the past.
I had reserved a seat coming back and when I changed at St. Louis I had
only a half hour wait for my next train. I was lucky to get a seat on
this train and it happened to be next to the bar so you see I had a it
pretty swell coming back. The trip took me only thirty-six hours so that
I got here a day early.
They were all so glad to see me that the Sgt., gave me the lawn mower
and put me to work the very next day. To top it all that Monday I had to
go on K.P. but after being in the army for so log I managed to get
myself an easy job. This week we have a G.I. party, a clean-up party.
The whole field will get a general clean-up and no-one will get off the
base till the job is done.
We had our monthly beer bust last week and we three went to it as we
usually do. In fact Merry and Emma were so glad to see me after more
than six weeks that they were waiting for me with blood in their eyes,
they were still looking for that beer I still owed them and they didn't
intend to allow me to get away with it. So I invited them to the beer
party but still they are not satisfied. I guess I'll give in tonight and
give them their treat. After all I've made them wait long enough for it.
The Camel Caravan was over here and we enjoyed it very much , they sure
put on a good act for the boys. They had a ventriloquist act that can
compete with Charlie McCarthy any day.
Nothing more to say. Hoping you are all well at home, best wishes to all
and my love to Lucille friend
Friend Tony

Free mail
La Junta CO Sept. 29, 1944
Dear Jean:
I was very glad to hear from you and wish to say that all is quiet on
this western front.
I know how hard it is for Sal's letter's to come through so you needn't
worry about it on that score.
Yesterday I heard some wonderful news concerning Emma and Merry. They
both made Corporal. Merry was Pfc. Fro some length of time and was
expecting his Corporal strips for the past two months and now he finally
made them. Emma was a Private and came on this base at the same time
that Merry & I came and they couldn't make him Pfc because there was no
Pfc's to be given out so instead they made him Corporal and are they
both overjoyed. It's going to cost them money too because tomorrow is
pay day and oh boy they better start treating.
My nephew is finally in the Infantry and is now stationed down in
Georgia. He doesn't mind it so much and it is better that way. It's good
to be 18. Don't you think so? If I'm not mistaken it's somebody's
birthday today. Either yours or you husbands so I'm wishing happy
birthday greetings to one of you. Or is it both? What a memory I've got.
Really there isn't much going on here so I'll have to close with best
wishes to you and Lucille and the folks at home from
Your friend

Free mail
Victorville CA envelope dated Nov 2, 1944
Dear jean:
I know you will be surprised to hear from me all the way out in Sunny
California. I was finally transferred last Thursday and on the way over
we passed through the desert. Looks like those places we see in Cowboy
pictures. Arrived here Sat. afternoon but for no beds so we took a
week-end pass. I got a hitch on the base and rode 100 miles to L.A. (Los
Angeles) On the way over we saw beautiful mountain ranges, orange
groves, palms and homes that were very beautiful. In L.A. no rooms were
to be had because it was overcrowded. L.A. is very large and spreads out
for miles and miles right into it's surburbs which look like cities too.
They have wonderful U.S.O.'s all over here and the country is just where
I'd like to make my home. Rode out Sunday to Santa Monica and there I
say the Pacific Ocean for the first time. There's a cliff which drops
off down below to a high way running along the beach for many miles.
Along the beach are bungalows or large homes with Private swimming
pools. All this is like one grand picture. I rode along to Beverley
Hills, etc. and saw movie-star homes. But no actors or actresses. You
should see this place. The homes are even on mountain sides and roads
run up and around these places. Got off in Hollywood and took in a
Broadcast. Saw Fanny Brice as Snookie and enjoyed the whole cast very
much . There is Dan Thomas(He's Dinkle) an Italian and he was very good.
I think he'll get far too. There is really too much to see in so very
short time that I had to get back. I traveled more in two days than I
did in the two years I've been in La Junta. I feel bad about having to
leave because of my friends. But as soon as I readjust myself all over
again I believe I will like it here.
This place is smaller but better situated. We have wacs too but I am
still new here so very little can be said about them. We live in double
deckers with facilities in same. Two movie houses showing same picture
at alternate times and the P.X. is O.K. The restaurant is run like a New
York Café. There is a Chapel here that isn't used so was turned into a
beer hall for enlisted men and wacs only. A two-piece band furnish is
with music while we drink.
I was processed again. Just like coming into the army for the first
time. Am now qualified for overseas duty. Probably will do Guard Duty
here but no K.P. That will be a break.
There isn't much more I can say now. Tell me how are you feeling. Much
better I hope. And Lucille? Hope all is well at home. Have you heard
from Sal yet? I haven't / Charlie wrote from France. Regards to all
Your Friend
(3 cents stamp enclosed)

Free mail
Victorville Calif. Envelope dated Nov 18, 1944
Dear Jean: Friday
Am I surprised to hear from you? Well hi ya stranger. You'll be more
than surprised to get my letter which by this time you have read and
probably envy me just a little. At least for the present, don't. It's a
wee bit cold here and reports show that it get 20 to 30 below zero here.
At the present moment the wind is throwing fits and is kicking that rain
all over the place. Sunny California?? Bah!! With all the bad breaks
you've had and the bad news, you sound more cheerful now. That's good.
You shouldn't allow things to upset you especially in the state you have
been it won't do you any good. But I can sympathize with you because
we're only human and can't (or won't?) help ourselves.
I can imagine how Sal has taken to Paris (or is it the girls?) I don't
think so. Sal Isn't that kind and I know. After all he's married now and
has a wonderful girl(and I'm not going to ask for a quarter either) and
also a beautiful more beautiful little girl> (Am I pouring it on too
thick? - Well I mean it.)
Occationally I worry but my worries are of a different nature, something
I have to figure out for myself.
So you go out gallivanting{every time I try to type the word the way it
is spelt the computer automatically corrects it so gala vantin' is how
Tony spells it, but connect the syllables} eh. Fine; go to it. I wish I
could join you. I always intend to do all the places but somehow I
don't. Why?
Pleger has two more weeks to go and then will be shipped across. I hear
from him once in a while to keep up with our doings.
As for the campaign - - I lost - but somehow I'm glad in a way. I do
Hope things will pick up so that this war will come to a finish. Already
they started with the drive as soon as the elections are over. Do you
think there is anything in this? So I have changed, eh? You bet I have.
I am much older now and feel like many years of my life has been thrown
away. We can never make them up. And the others? Many have lost much,
much too much. Is all this really worth the trouble? Let's hope so. Past
history disproves it. As for the war; it'll be over when peace is
declared. That was pert, wasn't it? Ha! Ha!
The weather man is trying to make it up to us and for awhile the sun is
out and it feels like spring. Hope it keeps up this way.
Today we went over to the Guard House to get out instructions on how to
challenge and conduct ourselves during duty hours. This means that after
three weeks of loafing we may finally get our chance at doing some work
for a change.
I have heard from Frank and John an they're doing O.K. in La junta
altho' they wish they were here too. It would have been swell if they were.
I just got a letter from Sal after a long time and he does act like he's
enjoying Paris. Looks like the government is sure showing us the world
at their expense. As long as he's not in the fighting war zone, it's O.K.
I can't say much more for now and there are plenty of letters to go yet
so I'll close with best regards to all at home and love to Lucille
Your friend

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