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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wander  into the abstraction
through the hall
past the door
into the arena
around the flora
sift the aromas
smell the textures
feel the colors
wash the wind
wander into the abstraction
leave the timepiece
abandon the counter
remember not to measure
enter the place
the aurora of nothing
the domicile of the visual
without the touch
with no emotion
the depth in space
the relm for the third eye
to the link
of the feeling without touching
the seeing without being there
the hearing with noting said
the solid with out measure
wander into the abstraction
the empty space
with everything and nothing
the comfort of the knowing
that the knowing is the unnecessary
that the being is the necessary
in the here and the now
and the then and the there
not here not there
in the everywhere
the empty space
with nothing
containing everything
wander into the abstraction
among the trees
amid the forest
alone with the leaves
 buried beneath the canopy
at the bark
 on the ground
smell the earth
hear the trees
feel the leaves
nustle with the bark
hug the grandfather rock
join with the ages
wander into the abstraction
with the ancient one before us and with us
along side an parallel
travelling the path
resting beside the pond
picking the berries near you
smiling at the sun with you
while you wander into the abstraction
at home
at peace
at the place to visit
without time
without space
without distance
without measure
without plan
without malace
yet within
and very far.

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