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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

an ode to data

my mind wants to learn
hurry hurry
run the pages quickly
give me the information
so my brain can chew the words
into meaning
into understanding
into knowledge
into growth
fast fast
quickly the head say
feed me the data
I am hungry
I want to learn
I am starved
move the frames of the movie faster
feed me the data quickly
before I lose the day
give me the knowledge
the knowing
More More
it is not enough
it is not fast enough
it is too slow
I must learn
I must learn to know
I can not live without the knowing
I can live with out the growing
faster more
time is running out
I am aging
I am getting older
and still I do not know
everything there is that I want to know
duck weaves
autummn leaves
life heaves
in the air there is stillness
the lack of motion
the lack of time
the clock ticks
time time time
the hand of the clock moving
through the air that is not moving
the time marching
as the breadth widens to let it pass
that second is gone
did you see it
winding its way through the fold
of stillness
past those leaves of yesterday
around the tree of now
and the birds at rest
time time
soon all will be gone
and we did not know it
the tree
the leaf
the bird
the time
all that is left
is the memory
of what was
the incomplete memory
of the tree we never saw
the leaf we never knew
the bird lost to the corner of the eye
what was it
brown, yellow or blue
the image that is gone
that thing that we did not know
that knowledge that we did not lose
that knowledge that we did not have
that time that we did not see
that tick
tick tick
that passes us by
long before the blink of an eye

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