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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interuption - The Washington Post Presidential Candidates Debate sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

So why does it not say the United States of America Republican Candidates Debate
The overriding soundbite is that the candidates blame the Federal Government for all the problems we are facing. Government involvment is thwarting free enterprise is what is choking  the marketplace. Government intervention in everything is forcing compliance and regulatory reporting giving businesses more paperwork and legal headaches. The government used to be a place where people had redress with problems that individuals had with businesses. The cart is now before the horse and business, small business is becoming extinct, there is no longer the mom and pop diner, or the independent clothing store, or the local butcher, baker or fish monger. The world has changed, now there are international corporations, one for this and one for that. The world is now the one place there is  and we have to adapt to the idea that some things will and are no longer made in the USA, not because of any other reason but the economies of scale. We are better off it one country makes one thing and another country makes another thing and so forth. But there are individuals who want to keep up the small family business, and that should be their right? We have to decide about our priorities, We are a nation of retiring baby boomers and we are the majority and we should decide what we want, not what they want for us. We have to choose.
Another issue resounding was China - China has taken all the jobs and China sells us more than they buy, that China has subsidized all the products that are so inexpensive.  BUT, we allowed this to happen is what they are not saying. We have created the market for Chinese goods by buying them, we have gone after the cheapest products we can buy. We celebrated the idea of really cheap. We saw on the news programs the Chinese workplace and all the youngpeople working. And we still bought the cheapest, because we thought we were saving money. We, as individuals allowed this to happen. We, all of us who have bought all the inexpensive Chinese products have created the Chinese connection and not China. And Walmart - one of the largest if not the largest importer of Chinese goods, and because Walmart opened the market they were able to force the reduction in the workplace. Because Walmart is so large they have impacted every state where they do business. They have forced out all the competition and thus have forced communities to buy only what they sell or travel far to other communities for competitive choice. Their, Walmart brand Great Value is a cheap alternative but it is not the best choice. Great Value is not a quality product and not worth the price, but, in small communities they have eliminated choice. And they force down the hourly wages of small communities. We are better off doing without than buying from Walmart. 
Repeal Obamacare, balance the budget, end spending more than the government takes in , repeal the regulations that are choking small business(do you think big business cares) Energy jobs in America, they did not say anything about coal, gas was the wind in their sails.
Melt the federal government, let local government serve the population.
If you saw the debate, it was interesting to see the candidates sitting around a table and of course Mitt was seated center stage. Newt came across as the smartest but Mitt will probably get the nomination. Herman got a lot of attention and held his own even when questioned about his role at the KC Fed.
I will do this and I will do that was heard again, but they, whomever they were, did not say how they would get the senate and house to agree with them. It is great to see these debates, it's like the christmas wish list, the dreams of childhood. They said we need a leader, they said they would repeal Obamacare and the regulations choking progress and they said they would create jobs and shrink government, but they did not say how. They did not say that each senator and represenative had constituents that want something and they did not say which lobbyist was behind them and they did not say which corporations were funding their campaign.
So, unless your senator and represenative hears from you, it does not matter much who is president, because this nation of the people by the people and for the people can not run if we are deaf dumband blind to what is going on.

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