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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts

Things are bad
The economy stinks
The weather is lousy
The checking account is low
The job ended
The kids need shoes
The frig is empty
The car needs work
The car needs gas
The insurance is due
The rent is due
worry worry worry
what to do
what to do
think happy thoughts
remember the good times
think happy thoughts
as bad as it gets
and it does get bad
instead of adding medical issues
by worry worry worry
think happy thoughts
it will all be there tomorrow
but a smile on your face
exercises more muscles
than a frown
Yes, things are bad
but remember a time when things were good
maybe the birth of a child
a sunshine
a success
a hand you held
a walk in the park
a pretty picture
a favorite song
a good book
a real friend
a moment in time when
you felt your best
a time when you were at your best
a time when you were satisfied
a day you picked a flower
without getting stung by a bee
a smile someone gave you
a yoga stretch you could do
a game you won
a day by the water
the big fish you caught
as bad as it gets
a long face makes it worse
and what you need
is for it to get a little better
and only you can do that
and no matter how bad it gets
think happy thoughts
and it is better,
and what is better
is you point of view.
And you say
what if someone dies
and you are overcome
with sadness.
I say,
Your sadness is you
felling sorry for yourself and your loss.
And feeling sorry for yourself
removes the positive effect of the person
whom you lost.
When you celebrate the life of the person
who is gone, you pay tribute to that individual,
with honor and respect.
Instead of wailing, oh yes, you may wail,
as part of the priviledge of the bereaved,
but only for a year will it be tolerated, then,
it becomes obsessive and people will shun you.
Part of the healing process, the grieving process,
is the pain, which you must feel,  as awful as it is,
in order for it to pass, as all things do.
And if you think happy thoughts, and remember
all the beauty you shared with that person,
then, although the pain is so grand, it is worth
the beauty you thought would last forever.
Remembering the good times, celebrating the
good times, reliving the good times, will take
away your pain faster, than wallowing in the
dark hollow barren abyss of the life that has been
erased from your existence, the life which you
will never get back, the loss of that part of you
that made you feel so good. And you were fortunate
enough to have someone touch your life with
the artists stroke of beauty. So, while you feel the
pain, while you suffer the pain of loss, it is wise
not to feel sorry for yourself (at least not for too long)
for you have as they say been blessed with good
fortune, and nothing lasts forever.
so, think happy thoughts.

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