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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being happy

   My goal in life now is to be happy. I have an adequate income to manage my needs so now I am concentrating on being happy.

   When ever I begin a job like housework I think about how to do it and be happy.
The toughest task was the bathroom, but I mastered that chore with Pinesol. I fill the bucket with warm water and Pinesol before I venture into the bathroom. I begin by cleaning the bathtub/shower with a cloth soaked in Pinesol and I keep the bucket of Pinesol somewhere under my nose so I may breathe in the pine scent more strongly. As I begin to scower the tile walls the whole room takes on the aroma of pine and I am in a forest walking under the trees.

   By the time I finish with the bathtub/shower area I am mostly done with the bathroom and zip through the rest of the room with ease. Once the scent of the bathroom is transformed the job is simply getting everything to be touched by the pine soaked water and every bit of soap scum is removed and everything sparkles.

  Transforming the bathroom into a sparkling forest of pine makes me happy and gets the job done too, a two fer! The job gets done, I get the satisfaction of a clean bathroom, and it smells good too. That makes me happy, like getting a bang for the buck, economically efficient in the use of time, mine. Cleaning the kitchen is a whole nother story.

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