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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


              What business is it of any one's if someone is "straight" or "gay". Why does anyone have to discuss anyone Else's sexual preference.

              Oh he's gay, they say. so what.
why do 'they' always think about sex.
when do we have privacy.
what is the reason for discussing or mentioning any one's sexuality.

               F-- news is interesting, in that they seem to be preoccupied with homosexuality.
They seem to make it a point to mention sex a lot. They seem have no better focus than on sex.

Business is business if F-- news has someone to trash for their sexual persuasion. 

              Whether a person is a nice person is judged by whether or not they share "your" sexual preference. 

                Deviant sex is scary for some, bizarre for others, repulsive to another. There is no more tolerance, and perhaps there never was. Yet, looking at a person as a sex object is more out there with the help of F-- news. Even when you want to think about something else, someone is always talking about sex.

               When someone gets angry they say f--- , When someone wants to demean someone they say your mother is a female dog, or you are a whore. 

                Nobody says I'm angry with you because..... There is no more thought about what a person is feeling, there is simply the outburst of emotion.

                We have found it acceptable for people to react, instant action, without any idea of why there is a reaction. Why are you angry.

                 Control is gone, there is a certain madness when emotional outbursts, as at soccer games, are normal.

                  Civilization is losing it's civilization and it is becoming acceptable.
Sex and violence. That's what sells and that is what is taking over the human psyche.

                  Stoning women for adultery, in some cultures, is acceptable behavior. Sexual mutilation is acceptable in others. For some abstinence is their code of sexual behavior and their mark of identification.

                  Married women, women who have had sex and have a sexual relationship with one male person as condoned by some religions and governments, have a label, misses.

Misses declares to men that she belongs exclusively to some man for sex, i.e.,  mrs jones.
she is no longer mary jones she is mrs jones, property of mr jones, and in the old days she HAD to give up her maiden name and take on his(ah you say for the sake of the kids) poppycock,
see another sexual innuendo.

                If you listen carefully you will hear whether or not a person is preoccupied with sex. Their choice of adjectives are common and more acceptable in everyday language, with little chance of change. The only advantage is you get to know what is on a persons mind even when they are not consciously thinking. If you pay attention you will know how to protect yourself and avoid altercations with people who do not share your preferences.

                It seems to be a violent opinion about sex, people have very strong feelings pro and con about anything about sex, and they probably learned it all from their parents, and that is a whole 'nother can of wax.

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