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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


                       Void is an interesting word. Actually it isn't really interesting. What is interesting is the uses for the word. Void is a term used to cancel a check, do not pay, not valid for payment, eliminate responsibility for the debt, which is very nice even though you still have to pay for the paper the void check is printed upon.

                       To void is to eliminate liquid waste from the bladder. Voiding the act of the body emptying, what is socially called water, the product produced by the cells during their performance of functioning to operate the body. The cells operate and generate useless matter ingested, a by product of the sorting process of the cells. Particles unnecessary to their operation and if stored, detrimental, therefore eliminated periodically during a twenty four hour period.

                       Void, and empty space absent of matter, usually referring to the physical universe and often in particular between the ears. There is not much to say here because there is nothing worth commenting about or the author is void of an opinion as opposed to being indifferent.

                        Avoid is not a particular empty space but the act of removing oneself from the presence of a person or situation.

                        In every example of void they are clear examples of eliminating, removing and preventing association with or contact with, that which  one deems objectionable, a negatively impacting force to be without. All instances of withdrawal from.

                         In summary, void is a positive negative perhaps an oxymoron. Void is a positive act of removing a negative that is, having the ability to evaluate and eliminate something that will have a injurious effect on the person, protecting the well being by removing the damaging situation. Good judgment in every instance with positive effects.

                          Void is a good/bad thing, it cannot be a good thing unless it eliminates a bad thing, bad, being something that has a negative effect and is better to do without, and good that it is eliminated.

                           Confused enough, let's void the whole thing.

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