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Friday, December 24, 2010

N.C.A.A. - Ohio State


               N.C.A.A. shame on you

                Ohio State University shame on you

               Ohio State University football players who sold their autographs for massages, shame on you

          That the N.C.A.A. is allowing the players to participate in the bowl game shows how ethical they are.
The violation of the rules is a black and white issue being ignored by the N.C.A.A,

          The N.C.A.A. is condoning their behavior by not enforcing the rules.
Anyone who has any regard for the sport of football should not watch the game.
Everyone who belives in the rule of law, eveyone who respects the rule of law should let the N.C.A.A. know in no uncertain terms that their behavior in regards to this matter is unacceptable.

         How dare you, and this includes the Ohio State University, not respond and react to this behavior with the strongest of reprimand immediately.

         Anyone who hears that these young people sold their autographs for "massages" and believes that sex was not involved is deluding themselves. Women especially should protest the negative responses of the University and N.C.A.A.

         It appears the both organizations have little to no regard for women and have voted to let the world know their positions.

         And the players themselves have no respect for themselves.
Who would want to touch them. The only way they can get women to touch them is to pay them.
This is endemic to many men, Let them make rules so they can break them . Let them make rules and only enforce them when it is convenient of financially benefiting them.

       Football is a sport that for men is primal, reaching to the core of who they are and giving them reason to feel good about themselves. Every young male wants to play football or has to watch football being played. It touches them in a way women can not understand but they do understand that these young men and the young men who are grown up, RESPECT the game.

        They too should let you know how low you have sunk for the dollar and how repulsive it is.

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