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Monday, December 27, 2010


Monday, a quiet day, before the Saturday that begins a new year. Not necessarily a time of reflection but a time of accomplishment. Time to hurry and do all the things we've been putting off. Time to straighten things out, neaten things up, so we can  begin the new year unencumbered.

Time to do the laundry, so there won't be any in the new year waiting.
Time to put things away so we may begin messing up again in the new year. Pile upon pile of things to do, and not the time to do them all or the time but not the frame of mind. Sometimes the mind needs to rest and let it all just sit there. Sometimes the mind cannot find the impetus to move to action to sort and order the life.

Fatigue may be the problem. A good night's sleep may be the first order of business.
Rest creates order. The mind given the opportunity to rest can sort and order the chaos. It, the mind, is like another person living in the same body. No matter what You want to do the mind does it's own thing, so you turn around and say, "who said that" or "who did that" and you are as surprised as everyone else.

The mind left to rest can astound you. When you are exhausted you cannot do it, whatever it is. and when the mind is rested you can achieve beyond your wildest dreams.

Blame and recrimination of the self is a very unkind pressure which limits productivity. Accepting that you do your best all the time AND sometimes it isn't good enough is easier to accept than you did not do your best on purpose. Who you are in the real world is always measured in real time right now. "They" whoever they are, measure you, sometimes good sometimes bad. If you always measure yourself as you do and did your best, then you are truly free. Free from guilt, and free to continue with your life, at it's best.

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