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Thursday, December 30, 2010



        Religion is like sex, it's followers are adamant about their feelings and have little regard for other sects.

         That they all have holidays about the same time is worth pondering, are they all basing their beliefs on the seasons, or way back when, was there one idea splintered into variations on a theme, like Luther and King James.

          If all the books were written by men could that be the reason all their gods are men.
There are few religions today that honor female deities, if any.

           Consider the Muslim religion where they bow on their knees several times a day and the similarity to some yoga exercises.

            Could we have it wrong, the bible is really a medical guide to health and well being.
Literal translations give reference to prayer and many religions pray including Tibetan monks.

             Could the different religions be adaptations for humans to the regional weather as guides for expelling poisons from the body.

      In the 1950's there were American movies of African natives bowing from the waist with arms and hands extended above the head sorta like human fans cooling each other off, bowing to the white bwana.

    Religions also take advantage of regional foods. The Catholic church adapted meatless Fridays to give the fish industry a boost. It is no longer a sin to eat meat on Friday.

Bread as the staff of life was perhaps initiated by a cleric whose father owned a mill.

Superstition has added flavor to many customs altering their interpretation of the Scriptures.
Why when making the sign of the cross do some kiss their fingers, maybe imitating the priest signing the cross with the crucifix and then kissing it.

Statutes use to be paraded through the streets of Brooklyn for various saints holidays to collect money for the church, travelling preachers, bring god to the neighborhood because the neighborhood won't go to god.

If one considers religion as a business, their salesmen sell yo  something you have to talk yourself into believing, because nobody has returned to prove it true. Lazarus risen could have been a coma, same thing for Jesus.

Religion of course is a good crowd control and controller of some ignorant and others who are not ignorant but like the rules better than all the others.

Religion has rules for the masses to follow to live 'better' lives and the reward is a better hereafter, to make sure you all do follow the rules.

The afterlife exists in physics also. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed, like the effects of a tornado, once there was a cow, now there is only wind. Compressed particles caused by random coupling with energy forces and a thinking thing or a tree.

No one knows for sure what is so, only what they believe and refuse to believe and yet we can not tolerate any other opinion which does not agree with ours.

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much"

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