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Thursday, December 16, 2010


    What is the fascination with football

men sit for hours in front of the television set yelling screaming and cursing
at the coaches referees and players

they are happy when the guy with the ball run five yards
then they are happy when the guy with the ball run another five yards, Yippee!!

for hours they sit and watch the ball pass from one guy to the other
they listen to the pregame commentary
the half time report and
the post game analysis
even though they have been sitting glued with their eyes focused for the whole game and
all the in between replays of every pass
and every questionable call
"Show me that again", they say to the tv screen
and the screen obligingly reruns the play film from every camera view

and then again they(the men) talk to the tv
telling it, "that was a bad call"
or "that was a good call"
or "that guy should have been thrown out of the game"

sometimes they say' "wow, that play was beautiful, did you see  that catch, how did he do that"
and on an on for hours because of course somebody calls, "Time out!" and a one hour game stretches for two and a half hours

Amazing, and you have to be quiet too, so they can hear everything.
and then there are the stats on the players, the teams, the leagues, the coaches and what the spread is for the chances of a team winning.

Of course winning is the all important, but the yardage with the ball and the amount of time the favorite team has possession of the ball. The All Precious Ball. It's all about the ball, the tied up pig skin with out the pig in it.

The transformation of the mild mannered man, come football season, "He's ALive!" and all that matters from August through February is whether or not there is a football game on, tv and if not has their favorite team or teams won.

They don't even get to keep the ball if they win so what is the point.
What is the magic about football.
Why do men get passionate about a team not even in their home state, or they don't own, or haven't even placed a bet on.

They have nothing invested in except their time and passion.
More than their love of women  is their love of football.
Their primal need to compete.
The nature of the beast.

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