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Saturday, December 18, 2010


From the old English saeterdoeg "Saturn's day" is now Saturday. Saturn was the roman god of agriculture.

Saturnalia  the ancient roman festival beginning on December 17, which lasted seven days.

The Romans invaded England way back when, so the language and customs of the Romans have entered the English realm.

Saturday celebrated the god of agriculture

Sunday is the day of the sun

Monday is moon's day

Tuesday day of Tiu  god of war and the sky -Germanic mythology

Wednesday woden's day old English, day of Mercury - a god serving as messenger 
          to other gods as well as being the god of commerce, travel, and thievery

Thursday Thor's day Jupiter's day
the dictionary says Jupiter the supreme god, patron of the roman state brother and husband of Juno identified with the Greek god Zeus also called Jove. Jove father. Juno, the principal roman  goddess, wife and sister of Jupiter, patroness of  primarily of marriage and the well being of women, identified with the Greek goddess Hera

Friday day of frig, wife of Odin day of the planet Venus Aphrodite's day. Odin - the supreme Deity and creator of the cosmos and humankind, the god of wisdom, war, art, culture and the dead.

god of agriculture
god of war
reporter aka busybody, travelling businessman and thief
incestuous man
incestuous woman

Well if you think of everyday as a day of worship, since they are name in celebration, then we seem to have a heathen custom honoring some interesting characters. Worshipping the sun and the moon food war sex with your brother or sister and the bigmouth travelling businessman thief. How is that a way to start your day. We arrest people for doing those things and worship the origins of the crime.

These names go back to the Romans Norse Greek and Germanic cultures which are our roots except if we are black/African. Makes you wonder what the African/black culture called the day or days and if it would or could be as base.

We are calling ourselves civilized yet we adhere to heathen custom for every day of our lives. It is as though there is a subliminal message there.
I wonder what it could be.

And I have a better understanding why things are so strange, the names of the days of our week as a cycle is very bizarre.
let's change it to:
privateday - so you can do whatever you want

I prefer those subliminal messages
maybe this will be the start of something big.

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