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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Lucky One


        Did you ever have a fine day
one that made you feel like a kid again
with satisfaction, achievement, knowledge, growth, understanding and fun
all rolled into one

        A day when everything you learned about something
finally made sense
        like the last day of school
when the last class gives you the punchline that sews together all the classes of the semester

       A day like that doesn't happen too often
an Epiphany day when all the lights bloom

        No matter how much you try to duplicate that kind of day it just doesn't happen
it is one of those days when you are doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason
sounds simple, sounds easy

        Knowing exactly what you want is part of it
knowing how to give of yourself is another part of it
and knowing who to give to

        And receiving gifts at the same time
a perfect scenario
that happens once in a while and is so beautiful as and when it happens

        And the beauty of the event is what builds the heart
and strengthens the heart
and pumps the heart

         So when you have a day like that
smile smile smile
because you have been chosen to receive a gift that makes a day special
and a special day
only happens to the child in us
and you become younger
and more beautiful
and happy that you were the lucky one

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