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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dumbing down America

          There you sit in front of the tv, watching something when zap, the program is interrupted with a louder transmission of someone  saying something irrelevant to the product being hawked, and animation of persons similar to puppets.

          TV advertising does not inform nor educate an individual to the benefits or use or operation of the said item.

          It simply disrupts the ordinary flow of information to a brain shorting the circuits to distract and disrupt.

          The tv advertising community appears to be frustrated singers, dancers, and actors who have not been able to communicate a rational idea.

           The mute button on the tv gives one the ability to save the cells energy by automatically reducing the interference.

           Perhaps {tv advertising} is foreign propaganda used to control the masses by disrupting the brain cell activity by the cacophony of useless dribble, numbing the brains of Americans thereby reducing the population to blithering idiots.

          Tv advertising, tv stations, and corporations all insult the population by stealing time and energy and we allow it.

           If we stop buying the products that use objectionable or demeaning advertising, and if we stop watching the channels that show those items then perhaps the advertising, corporate, media community will begin to understand that we are interested in bettering ourselves instead of dumbing down America.

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