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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today many years ago

       John Lennon was shot today many years ago. Sadness returns with the same emptiness. One wonders about what makes someone able to erase a life. Not just eliminate what someone could have been, but eliminate someone who had a profound effect on the whole planet. Piff, they're gone. Someone walks up to you and wipes out your existence. There is the you who is wiped out and the one who wiped you out, you are now connected and separated, one in the act of the moment. And one with the rest of the world, forever linked, much as the world regects the thought. As one would always think of John and Yoko in bed for peace, the time they gave, hope to the world and the music made harmony of the cacophony of the time.

      When you think John Lennon alive there is the aura of activity, motion, doing, the young man voicing his opinion and putting his feeling out there in the world with melody and harmony and passion. We know some of his life from his words. We know another side of his life from the US Governments involvement in everything he did. And the government made him stronger. He did not understand why they paid so much attention to him and to Yoko and why they gave them so much trouble. Why would a government not like a person, like a fly on the table, annoying and in the way.

     And finally John and Yoko grew up and began to have a private life, in the big apple, they could blend and be. It is nice to think of John and Yoko living in New York City enjoying walking along the streets breathing the city air.

    Then the news media says, John Lennon was shot today many years ago and the air is filled with a bullet and the other guy who made it that way.

    We can not think about John Lennon dying as we would think about someone who has expired of their own circumstances, like so and so died. It is always that he was shot. Did the media rob us of the purity of John Lennon dying, purity being the isolated focus without the shot and the person who took his life. Did the media grandstand the event to sell our attention to distract us to pay attention to them. Could they have simply said John Lennon died today many years ago and not have told us about this other person of whom we really have no interest and who has no worth for our regard. And now these years later we still have regard for him the man that shot John Lennon. We are connected with that time and we would rather not be, as we would rather not remember that time as John Lennon was shot today. We simply want to remember John Lennon died today many years ago and we remember John Lennon alive and what he gave to us many years ago. And we must or are forced to think of the circumstances of his death as an act of a life stolen. That act is part of the sadness, that he was robbed of his life and what it would be. The images of an old man, hard of hearing so to comprehend moving slowly forcing himself to lift each leg. Whiskers down to his chin, white and gray, hair over his ears glass running down to his nose, humming a tune gazing at the diamonds in the sky. A nicer image rather quaint a cute little old man that played the music of the world many years ago. A sweeter image than the blunt John Lennon was shot today many years ago.

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