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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


          Life is a gift
that is why they call it the present

it doesn't matter much who gives you the present
it matters what you do with it

some gifts are worthless and thrown away
some gifts are treasures stowed away in a closet never uses never touched
  simply saved
some gifts are appreciated and used until they are in tattered shreds
while other gifts are torn and abused before they are old
and then there are the gifts  that are shared, those gifts are worth more than
    when they were first received because they have grown and blossomed
     and budded into a vine that intertwines with other vines and grows and blossoms
     into new and beautiful

new and beautiful are more than gifts because the gift of life is nothing without
    making something of it

we can exist
and it is far better to be alive
to be alive is to grow and to share
not giving
not giving
try not giving
of yourself

you will find it
a sad and lonely place
a terrible place to waste a gift

something worth thinking about

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