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Monday, December 6, 2010


        She came to America from Brazil with her childhood sweetheart whom she married and their infant daughter. In Brazil they both worked in the hospital billing department.
        They both spoke little English. He took a job as a truck driver she worked as a housekeeper, every day cleaning a different house.

        Each morning at three thirty she got up, got dressed and bundled up her baby  to drive her husband to work in the used car they had bought that always broke down, then she would drive home with the baby, get them both undressed and back to bed until the alarm went off for her to get herself and the baby dressed and fed before  she went to work. She dropped the baby off at the babysitter went on to clean some one's house. After work she picked up the baby from the babysitter and then picked up her husband from his place of work.

       They lived in an apartment above a bar and had to worry about the baby and the mice in the apartment so they saved all their money to move.

       They bought a small two-family house. The first thing they had to do was put on a roof. He was handy and was going to do all the repairs himself. After he put the roof on, she borrowed a vacuum cleaner from one of the people whose house she cleaned. The house they bought had  carpeting but because the roof was damaged the rugs were soiled so she had to vacuum as much as she could then wash the carpets.

       Her husband began comparing his wife to another woman, a friend of theirs, also from the same country. She was also married but with no children. She had a good job working in a jewelry store, and was able to read and write English and was well on her way to getting her American citizenship papers.

      With the money she made as a housekeeper they were able to buy another car. She again became pregnant and had a son They bought larger two family house which they moved into and kept the smaller one.

        Finally about twenty years after they moved to America he left her and when it was time for them to divorce there was a battle over the assets. He wanted everything. She eventually got the bigger two family house and both children and continues to clean houses.

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