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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

men's suits and ties

        suits and ties
all the men on the tv news wear suits and ties
very business like
very professional

the women on the other hand
wear whatever presents their sex to the audience
low blouses, lots of cleavage
short skirts
tight skirts

the women seem to have to present their bodies  to the audience
in order to do their job

the men are always covered
always protected

and the women are always exposed
women are still sex objects
their sex is displayed for all to see and admire
and be distracted by

the men are straightforward
their face and their voice

women wear jewels
no sleeves
almost no shirts
and nobody notices
or if they do they do not comment
they do not care
they take it for granted
that women are to parade their sex
their sex sells tv
their sex sells them short
their bodies make the news
and the news is less important
and they call themselves professionals
and they don't even realize they are selling their sex before the news
it is still a man's world
and the women don't even know it

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