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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dead Animals

What did you have for lunch today, was it a ham sandwich with cheese and lettuce and mustard, or,
roast beef with swiss on rye?

If the menu heading read: Dead Animals would you choose one, for instance dead pig on rye or cow's leg on toast.

Dead animals as food for humans is an odd choice, how about a rotting animal menu item.

It tastes so good except when you are a teenager and are kind to animals, then you are vegetarian and eat plenty of potatoes or spuds.

Meat of dead animals is fattening and they say clogs the arteries yet we consume it or them every maybe three times a day, pig belly for breakfast, dead chicken for lunch and ground up cow for dinner.

If you think of the process that brings these dead beasts to your plate the idea of a meal of dead animal is perhaps repulsive. Once the cow is removed from the field he is driven in a truck, remember cowboy movies with cattle drives on the open range, well now the herd them into tractor trailers and transport them to processing plants or rail cars that deliver them alive to processing plants. Someone hits the animal on the head with a sledge hammer then slits its throat. As you think of the blood gushing consider your dinner menu.
Steak smothered in mushrooms.

They use electric saws clean I hope, to separate the stomach and remove the intestines.

Well enough for the description of the process, think about what the place must smell like, especially if it is a large facility.

Chicken barns are long buildings you have probably seen them on tv, what you haven't experienced is the odor as you drive by. It makes one want to wretch. Mass production has impacted the environment with enormous negative effects. Here in Missouri(central) at the Lake of the Ozarks the water is constantly monitored for ecoli. The animal waste leeches into the water supply, if you swim in the lake and have a compromised immune system you get sick.

Dead animals is not the problem, management issues are.

There are no answers just information.
The population explosion of WWII has made man the focus of the world and worrying about the world is second. Cleaning your home is second to feeding yourself.

That's just the way it is.
Something more to think about.
And, forget. when you order that meal.

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