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Saturday, December 11, 2010

      Winter is upon us with a quick drop and westward wind. There is a chill in the air.
The dampness adds to the discomfort, the bones ache, the age appears.

       Winter is upon us, the dark skies, the empty trees, the frozen pond.
Thoughts of santa are filling the heads of all the children adding excitement to their nights.
Cozy blankets heavy sweaters, warm socks. The house has some heat the lights are all on.

      Winter is upon us, the doors are closed, the indoors is the place we be.
       Winter is upon us, almost time to put up the christmas tree.
Holiday cheer no matter if you care, winter is upon us, better to cheer up than not to care.

       Cheer cheer cheer

       You can tell I don't care
        Funny how fatigue hampers the cheer
       Maybe it will snow here
        and not there
        I thought I saw santa in his sled sailing across the night sky

        my sister said, there is no santa
        and that took care of my cheer

       now that I ruined your cheer
       leave your chair
       give yourself a cheer
       santa is here

       too bad he's not there

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