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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ohio State - N.C.A.A.

                If social responsibility has any relevance then Ohio State and the NCAA ought not to permit the players who sold their autographs  for "massages" play in the bowl game.

                The issue is not that they paid for "massages" the issue is truth.
If the NCAA and Ohio State choose to lie and base their reputations upon lies then the  system they are attempting to maintain is also a lie.

                 Why would anyone choose to live a lie and select lies to be their calling card.
Should we allow the institutions to educate the students, the leaders of tomorrow, in the art of deception.

                If we as a society is to flourish there needs to be rules and these rules are not arbitrary.
Yes, there is no black and white there is only gray.
And the gray of having the future generation masters at deception is a painful reality to face.

               Lies do not work, lies do not make relationships work.
Lies are illusions, and illusions vanish. Life is only time, and the little time we have here is something that will vanish if it is based on lies. Substance is the truth that is. The more truth the more time. The more lies the more weaving of unreality and fantasy and a life lived in fantasy is an illusion.

              Lies do not work.

Do not let Ohio State and the NCAA educate the next generation in mastering the art of untruths.
They, we, are accountable and responsible. There is no free lunch. Let them learn the results of their decisions, that cause has an effect, and we have to pay for or be accountable for our actions.

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