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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



                Today is a fine day to be born. It is a great  birthdate to write on any form, and it is an easy date to remember. One eleven eleven or eleventhousand one hundred eleven.Cool. Most of the day has passed already with little to mark the date. It is cccold here in misssouri with one of the two or three snows it gets in a year. Supposed to be about five degrees tonite and the wind makes it feel even colder.

                  In rural missouri today school was closed. Snow stops everything here. There are north south east and west roads stretching through farmland and farmland and woods. It is not heavily populated so cleaning the main roads is the plan so the trucks moving goods can get through. The other roads are maybe cleared once, maybe not. I don't think the dirt roads get too much attention during inclement weather, hence the need for four wheel drive and vehicles that are not too close to the ground.

                  Most everybody here has a cell phone but they don't work on all roads and it might be hours before a rescue, so the wise stay home and watch the snow freeze.

                   It is very quiet listening to the wind howl between the trees, no traffic to change or dim the sounds of nature. The isolation is chilling. Nighttime on a cold winter snow wind driven night is the sound of scary movies or should I say chilly movies. If the lights don't go out and if the heat doesn't fail it is probably one of the safest nights of the year. No fool would venture out for ill gotten gails or other ugly ideas. Everybody is staying still, snuggling under the covers, lowering the temperature in case there isn't enough fuel in the tank to last the night and hopefully until the cold spell passes. Business shut down automatically because they know no one will venture out.

                  Those roads I spoke of earlier are more hazardous because there is plenty of open space for the wind to whip through. In populated areas the wind is tempered by buildings here it just blows through from west to east or south to north sometimes north to south but seldom east to west, wonder why.

                  Keeping warm is the agenda, keeping safe from the cold, planning alternate emergency heat or warmth is a mind game. It is a distraction while reading or watching tv, as we wait for the cold spell to pass.

                  The power of suggestion, think spring, short sleeved shirts butterflies and flowers in bloom, less than two months away. Think march 21, it is a more magical date than 1/11/11.

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