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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lady Aunt Helen


                Aunt Helen is a gem. She is a role model for everywoman.
                 Serving her family
                  Serving his family
                  serving their family
                   without question
                   without doubt
 there was the job to be done and she did it
her job  was, caring for
she was always there caring for all of us
whether she liked us or not
whether she was tired or not
everyone the the best she had to offer
and everything she gave was the best

She noticed everyone, what they were doing
what they were feeling
she observed, she communicated
she said everything she wanted to say
blunt and outspoken
saying everything everyone was thinking
but were always embarrassed to say

she questioned everything
"why are you doing that?"
"why did you do that?"

there was never judgement in her demeanor
she never demeaned anyone
everyone was valuable
everyone was important

And she was funny!
looking and finding the humor in everything
always enjoying to laugh

She respected everyone
even the youngest littlest child
she treated everyone the same
as though they were treasures
that she nurtured

feeding cleaning cooking ironing
sewing singing laughing smiling
hugging loving caring feeding
feeding all the needs of the family
all the time every time accepting
responsibility for every member of
the family one hundred percent

her gift to the family was her
she gave of herself as though
our lives depended on it
and they did
she loved and hugged us till we knew
beyond the shadow of a doubt that we
were loved

and we all grew up and went away and
led our own lives
few of us remembering to remember her
few of us forgetting to remember her

she sits in her home paralyzed and mute
and yet she still speaks to all of us every
day, she reaches us
every day
and some of us think it is our own ideas
that move us
when it is her motivation that moved us
to where we are today

some of us still hug her and love her
and some of us forget that she is still

she taught us to stand on our own two feet
we have grown
we have reached
and we have achieved
and she was proud of us
and she did it
she let us be who we must be
and she did what she had to do
probably because she chose to do
what she had to do

and we wish you all got to know
The Lady Aunt Helen

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