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Sunday, January 23, 2011


     Memories are grand. They let you get back what you lost. They give you what you can't have, yet long for. There is the time of sunshine and carefree days, the time of warmth and comfort. The time when everything was perfect. The pretty smiles the happy faces the carefree days.
Yesterday, oh how we long for yesterday, to touch it, to hold it, to fold it into the place we call home. And when we were living it we did so with reckless abandon as if it would last forever. We knew it would never end. We took for granted, we assumed, we let it slip away, yesterday.

We look again, at the days that are so dear, the treasures of our time, the minted years, the sweet, the gentle, the kind, the happy, the sublime, the days of yester nestled in our mind.

Lest we forget, to make them sweeter yet make sure there is, no regret.

Regret makes the sweet bitter to taste, regret leaves everything out of place, to think twice is nice when there are no lice. Bugs make you itch and nestle in a niche. Scratch the itch, give them a hug, love them a little, love them a lot, give them a lot for tomorrow they may be here not.

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