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Thursday, January 27, 2011


          Corporations now offer opportunities to participate in surveys and offer as incentive, opportunities to possibly win shopping dollars for filing out their surveys.

           If you have taken filled out a few of these  questionaires you know that these corporations are wanting you to rate the local franchise and its personnel. It then becomes up to you whether or not these franchises stay in business. You tell them everything they want to know, is the store clean, can you find what you want easily enough, is the staff personable and knowledgable, are you getting value for the money and can you buy it cheaper; all with the click of the mouse.

           The corporations are so removed from the consumer they never see hear or greet them. All decisions are made at corporate headquarters and there is no link with the product or service being delivered. There may not even be corporate leaders, there may simply be surveys generating all the necessary changes or raises for local employees.

            In the old days, before corporate land pervailed, there was the small business, with the small business owner who oversaw the business, who personally checked to see if the floor was clean and whether customers were getting what they wanted. Theirs was a vested interest in customer satisfaction.

            The computer has made many things more accessable and simpler as well as more complicated. But the age of the corporation has produced an economy of waste that as yet has not been measured. The cost of the human sacrifice is mounting, without anyone responding to solving the problem. There is no longer a community, there is only serving the computer.

              For instance, consider the corporate eateries. All the personnel wear the same uniforms, every item prepared tastes the same, all the ingredients have preseratives and stabilizers that have made it 'safer' to be kept and transported. There are only their words for the proof of ingredients and there are less and less of natural ingredients in every product, because it is produced on a large scale and shipped great distances  from warehouses. Think about the thought that your food now comes from a warehouse.

            In the old days the local baker got up before dawn to make fresh all the baked goods you consumed. You would wake in the morning to the aroma of the bakeries ovens at work. Now you simply smell the diesel fuel of the truck delivering the food packaged in plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

            There are fewer and fewer 'mom and pop' businesses lending color and flavor to neighborhoods, there are no longer neighborhoods. There are simply stops along the delivery route for the diesel trucks.

             If there was more local production of goods and services, there would be less fuel consumed. There would be interesting things to see in different locales instead of the same stores everywhere. We have homogemized beyond the point of efficency.

             There is one organization that mass produces poultry, with large warehouses growing foul besides fouling the air. They raise enormous amounts of chickens in various of the poultry warehouses at single locations. The waste produced is so concentrated that when, if your eyes are closed when you pass them your nose curls to wretch and you know where you are. These animals are so stressed during their lifetime that the meat they produce is tough and tasteless. And the waste has to be trucked hundreds of miles to another location to be burned to further foul the air.

            Small poultry opperations are less invasive to the environment, but less financially rewarding.

            Quality of life is becoming less of an issue because corporations are not living things. They do not have a vested interest in the environment nor its residents.

             The corporate machine has taken over the world and we have at this time the opportunity to change that. We have what they call 'dollar votes' and how we spend our dollars dictate what happens.

              It is our fault, if we allow the corporate mentality to continue to dehumanize our environment.
              Consider not eating at places that have salt as the main ingredient, or cellulose stabilizers.
               Take back our world and make it a better place for the next generation of human insead of corporate america. Find a reason to support local business. Give America the opportunity to return to local character and charm.


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