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Sunday, January 23, 2011


    Afghanistan, we know it is about the oil

we know it is about preserving our way of life
yet, when you think about it on a one to one
one person at a time
one life at a time
one death at a time
the quest for oil becomes very dear

Our system runs on oil
with oil
everything stops
chaos rules
people starve

companies shut down
workers have no income

we have no choice
science as yet has found no solution
to the quest for alternative fuel

and now china
has become a new consumer
with an appetite
to grow
and use

and we are using
and not growing
we are just getting by
by borrowing

sooner rather than later
we will be forced to make a choice
we must find a solution
to getting cheap oil
to getting alternative fuel
to eliminate our debt
to become more competitive in the world
to protect what we have

one alternative is war
with war
the population is reduced
the competition is reduced
the spoils of war would if we won
eliminate some of our debt

there seems to be no other choice
it is a matter of time
how long
can we hold out
with less people employed
with the same mouths to feed
with the same reduced demand for fuel
by less people employed
less people travelling
more people idle

the real answer is for the government at this time to fund educating all the unemployed
feeding them and and their families
the more educated the population is the better opportunity there is for someone to find the answers we need
the less educated the nation is the more fear
the ignorance and want will fester
the panic and anxiety will numb the populace into a mode of non thinking machines
swallowed up by fear

If the government gives families an opportunity to be safe in this environment  of uncertainty
Americans would be in a position to rally to the needs of the nation
Right now people are preoccupied with their own needs and have little left over for the country

This plan is better that the WPA because it is an investment in the only resource we have that we can expand upon
All other resources are fixed and limited
Investing in the people would guarantee
a finer greater resource than we now have

we would have a smarter more educated thinking population
thinking people save lives save money save resources save time
without an educated population
we lose

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