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Monday, January 31, 2011


      Just because you were born, you think you have rights
Just because you are alive, you think you have rights

Perhaps because you are American
and you have a bill of rights
that says
YOU have the RIGHT to persue happiness
you think you have the right to achieve happiness

What the right is
is the right to run around in circles

you do not even have the right to breathe
unless someone gives you that right
by that I mean
that there is no one preventing you from breathing

take a deep breath
take another deep breath
still and again
take a deep breath

Some think they are entitled to affordable housing
(at whose expense)
Some think they are entilted to an education
Who will feed them
Who will pay to feed them
Who will grow the food to feed them

to the right to persue happiness
entitled to earn the right to persue happiness

there is no free lunch
eveything has a price
what can you afford to pay
for your right to persue happiness

the communist asks the farmer,
"If you had two horses would you give me one"
"Yes," says the farmer

the communists asks the farmer,
"If you had fourr pigs would you give me two"
"Of course," the farmer replies

"If you had four cows, would you give me two"
asks the communist
the farmer replies,"Absolutely"

the communusts says,
"If you had a dozen chickens would you give me six"
"Heck, no, replies the farmer

"Why not," the communist wants to know
and the farmer replies
"Because, I have a dozen chickens"

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