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Thursday, January 20, 2011


               Let go
               Let go
               Let go

               Let yourself understand
               there are no ways to bring back
               that which is gone
               there is no way to hold on to
               that which is no longer here

               the day that was the past
               is no more
               the memories are yesterday
               now only dreams
               the past is gone
               yesterday is over

               cry for the yesterday
               the day that was
               that is now gone
               the happy memories of yesterday
               are gone
               the pleasures that were yesterday
               are gone

               we make our own dreams
               people make our dreams
               the beautiful
               we celebrate
               the dreams of yesterday
               that we hold dear
               are gone and we are sad
               we can't get them back
               the happy times
               the treasures that keep us
               warm and safe and sane
               the little kindness we received
               the smile at the right time
               the hug we felt though we were
               never touched
               the heart that was warmed
               by one heart, so big and so strong
               we thought would last forever
               then we
               are faced
               with the reality
               the hero, the friend,
               the heart we treasured
               no longer beats

               suddenly we are alone
               the treasure, the dream,
               the yesterday is gone
               and though the heart still beats
               it has lost a rhythm
               a little tap tap tap

               a part of us is gone
               a big gaping hole
               that had that little tap, tap, tap
               that kept it in rhythm
               the music we were singing
               the song of the heart

                suddenly we discover
               where the words were coming from
                and now they are gone
                 and we are alone

                 to find our, or another song
                 to find the reason to want
                 to find the reason to smile
                 to find the reason to be happy
                 to find the way to live
                 to find the way to carry on
                 to give the others the way to carry on
                 to want to carry on
                 to make the way to carry on

                 to celebrate the heart that is gone
                  to sing the song of the heart
                 to smile

                 to remember the yesterday
                 to mourn the loss of the yesterday
                 then to again mourn the loss of yesterday
                 to remember yesterday

                  to be sure we love and live the yesterdays
                  every day
                   and then we never lose the yesterdays
                  as we live the todays

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