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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walmart Deli roasted red pepper asiago dip

Now I am beginning to get angry, first I see Maxwell House selling Hazelnut Cafe without hazelnuts then I discover Walmart Deli roasted red pepper asiago dip.

The main ingredient is cream cheese then salt then stabilizers then water next a cheese blend after which is asiago then further down a list of things one of which is a mold inhibitor then red peppers and some more things including food.

Where is the agency that monitors false advertising, here I am, I monitor false advertising and report it. The government is let us say preoccupied with other things or is unwilling to control or monitor big business.

Sloppy shopping is what these vendors are counting on. They hope we are in a hurry and only read the product name and not the list of ingredients.

We are filling/ we are allowing them to fill our bodies with things that we would not feed ourselves. Anyone who does not go out to dinner has to buy foodstuffs. One of the ways the vendor makes money is to offer something as a replacement for the real thing. Fake food.

Do you want to grow up to be big and strong, use to be a food advertising slogan, promising good things if you ate their product.

This stuff can't be good for anyone, it isn't even tasty, yet it is sold to the unsuspecting buyer as food.

Please be more careful, I say to my partner, you are wasting money and possibly buying something that could harm you. Have you investigated all the ingredients before you buy some of this junk that is labeled food.

Eating a few nuts, a piece of fruit, a slice of real cheese, a slice of wholewheat bread and you have a meal. Eat something real, so you know what it is and you know what is going into your body. How do you know how some of this stuff will react with coffee, wine or even tea.

If you insist upon eating crap drink lots of water to wash the stuff out of your system as soon as possible.

Better still throw your money out the window, it is safer and healthier for you and may prevent these companies from false advertising and selling stuff we can't pronounce.

This you say is a new age, space travel and overpopulation and scarce resources, poppycock I say.

Someone said, you are what you eat. Whatever you put into your body becomes your body unless your body throws it out - if you are lucky - your body throws it out.

Perhaps they are being paid by the AMA to guarantee business.
Every way you look at it - you must be careful - you may be paying a premium for cream cheese -at the least - at the most, you are ingesting something the body was not made to ingest, otherwise it would have been grown instead of manufactured in a laboratory.

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