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Sunday, January 30, 2011


A place in the present
the focus of attention
the cloud in the sky

A place in time
only then
attention is the time of focus

is when was the focus
of the present time
also the cloud in the sky

Time then not the present
focus of attention
when then
the cloud in the sky

Focus then the attention
to the present when
the cloud in the sky

Attention when then
the present time
is the focus
and then when time is
then the present

And then when only
the present focus of the
time is the attention of the
present when the time is the
and then when the
colud in the sky

Time again
the present

For then when the focus
of attention is the cloud in the sky
time is no longer the attention

the only commodity we have
the only present when we focus
the time we have is the present

Time is Life
Life is Time
the only life we have is the time
in the present when we have
the attention to focus

The LifeTime of focus is the
attention to the time
when the present is the focus
of the time of attention

And if that makes any sense
it is a time of attention!

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