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Monday, January 24, 2011

not today

Not today
when the time is right
and the sun doth shine
and my heart is glad
not today

things to do
lives to sort, hearts to warm
much to do
not today

over there
look yonder
see the sun
watch the birds
walk the walk
not today

the emotions
the dream
the thought
the time
the day
though not today

hear the music
sing a song
dance a waltz
see the gown flow as she waltzes
around the ballroom floor
the silk sway to the ryhtmn of the orchestra
the candle lights, the aroma of the fire
fell the warmth of the room and the crowd
men dressed to the nines
women gliding, floating, their feet barely touching the floor
the Blue Danube outside their door
another waltz
yet not today

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